Bleeding Hearts and the Dandelion Hunter

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Remember those little maroon shoots coming up with the crocus? Well, they are all grown up now. We have a beautiful trio of bleeding-heart plants simply, well, bleeding their hearts out. They are right at the entrance to the labyrinth, so you can’t miss them! That is, you can’t miss them for the next week or so, don’t delay your visit to the labyrinth this spring. Click on the thumbnails for larger pics:

We’re hoping the bleeding hearts will still be in bloom for the folks coming into town for the Wendy Rule concert on the 28th, but we’re not sure how long they’ll hang around.

I spent about an hour this morning taking dandelion heads in good Celtic fashion. We’ve had quite a batch growing in the wilder part of our garden, which we are slowly transforming into a butterfly garden. There wasn’t time today to dig them all up, so I thought I’d give myself an extra couple of days by making sure they don’t go to seed. I filled a grocery-bag full of the happy sunny flowers.

I couldn’t help remembering all the times when I would make a wish and blow on dandelion fluff. I wonder if any of these plants have wishes for ancestors.


  1. With all those cheery golden dandelion heads, you could make dandelion wine! (…but don’t include the heads that have gone to seed). Now you’re going to ask me the recipe. I can’t help there; all I know is that you soak the heads in water and then it ferments (presumably after you strain it to remove the heads). Maybe Wikipedia has an answer.
    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful garden and labyrinth with all your fans!

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