Labyrinth Thawing Slowly

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When you walk down Lyndale Avenue, it seems like the snow is all gone and we’re just waiting for the plants to wake up that it’s spring. But snow and ice continue to linger in the shady half of the labyrinth garden, but that didn’t stop me from going out and getting a couple of pictures…

Labyrinth half snow 4-08The labyrinth still isn’t ready for walking, it’s hard to tell in the photo, but there is an ice ridge which crosses several paths, and the garden certainly isn’t up for visitors. There’s lots of spring cleaning to do. But I thought I’d let you know it’ll be soon be ready for walking, if weather holds. I’m also seeing bits of green here and there–beginnings of crocus and tulips and daffodils.

I just have to say, when I look at this picture of the labyrinth half snowed under, I just love the Yin Yang of it. From the beginning of the labyrinth, I struggled to balance the shady and the sunny surrounding garden, with hostas on one side, and daylillies on the other. I just never thought of the whole Yin Yang of the labyrinth location before and the need to balance the shadow and sunny side of the garden. This is the third year of the labyrinth, and it always has some new way to express itself as a teaching tool. Ain’t the universe grand?

Buddha statue April ‘08Speaking of teachers, in the middle of winter, we had a stranger drop off a gift at the store, saying it belonged here. It was a Buddha statue, slightly the worse for wear, and some beads. Well, I think he’s found his spot on the shady side of the labyrinth. At first we wondered if a broken Buddha was disrespectful. Bit I think this Buddha is a reminder that, whatever our condition, we still have something to give. Even if it’s only a silent understanding. There is a rock where his knee used to be right now, but we might do something with moss and set it him up with a small shrine. It has that feel already with just being set there amidst the rocks. I suspect it will be a healing shrine, due to the whole shaman as wounded healer tradition.


  1. I love the Buddha! I can’t wait to start walking the Labyrinth again.

  2. Update . . . there’s only a sliver of ice left, and with today’s rains, we expect it to clear. Now there’s just a serious amount of spring cleaning to do. I also want to pick up a compost bin this year, we’ve found one with a really great price.

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