Planning for Planting in 2009

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I got a $50 Home Depot gift card last week, and it didn’t last very long.  I bought seeds for the labyrinth, and those little greenhouse peat pellet units – two 72-plant trays, two 25-plant trays and two 12-plant trays.  I’ve never tried the peat pellet setup before . . .  I sure hope it works.  The ones germinating now are for Coleus (72), Lavender (49), Impatiens (25) and purple Basil (72). I’m thinking of putting the lavender and purple basil out in the boulevard, as part of a much needed plant-scape I plan to do out there this year.

I also got a selection of seeds to sow directly in the ground after danger of frost.  So I found a source for frost dates in MN.  For Minneapolis the dates are:

April 28th – 10% chance or less of low temp below 28 degrees
May 12th – 10% chance or less of low temp below 32 degrees
May 24th – 10% chance or less of low temp below 36 degrees

So we’ll be planting Morning Glories and Ornamental Grass–Blue Fescue (a perennial) in the labyrinth garden.  We’ll have Alyssum  out in front of the store, and if there is any extra, somewhere in the labyrinth garden proper, or in pots. I’m even planning for next year with some foxglove seeds.  They are biennials.  So they flower in the second year.  I’ll plant some out front and some back in the Fairy Corner.


  1. Thanks for the tip! I kinda figured I’d be doing most of the digging at the end of May for planting, with a bit of cleanup and prep-work in April.

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