Purple Path to Wisdom

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It turns out that last weekend we had some visitors from Wisdom Ways. It seems we made their labyrinth tour this year. Someone called and asked if we were open, and said they were coming with some other people. Well, a couple hours later, a dozen devoted labyrinth walkers wound their way to the Eye. They were just in time to discover the new purple theme of the blooms.

Purple columbine are starting to bloom, and join the many mounds of violets which border the path in our upper garden. I brought the camera out this morning, so here’s a picture of each, plus the secret and sensual interior of a tulip. Some new purple tulips are budding, again, in the upper garden. But aren’t quite ready for the camera yet. Maybe in a couple of days.

We’ve also been busy planting some annuals in the front of the store and in the shady back. Begonias and Coleus, mostly. Of course, they aren’t picture perfect, yet. Just give them a couple of weeks to settle in. Our bleeding hearts are starting to form their lovely drop-flowers, they are about the size of a thumb-tack right now, and should be absolutely gorgeous by this weekend!

There’s still lots of weeding to do and lots of planting, as well. Just a reminder, the labyrinth is funded by donations, and cared for by all volunteer labor. That’s how we can afford to keep it open to the public and free for those who aren’t able to donate to the upkeep. If you want to come and play in the dirt, and are available weekdays before noon, give me a call at the store: 612-872-1292. Ask for Jane.

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