The Labyrinth is Open

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This is the earliest we’ve had a clear labyrinth for walking, if you don’t mind the rather moist air this weekend.

Labyrinth March 2010

(Picture of Labyrinth clear for walking)

The garden isn’t very green yet, but I do see some tulip and daffodil shoots poking up through the dirt. I also see what look like the beginning of some weeds. Still, green is green, and even some weeds are nice to see . . . at least for a moment!  Once the rest of the snow clears, we’ll be sending out a call via our facebook, twitter & myspace status updates for volunteers to help with spring cleaning.

We can’t guarantee the labyrinth is open for the season. We could still get another snowstorm.  But it will be open for at least the next seven days or so, if the weather forecast holds true.

I’m starting to believe spring is on its way, even though the scent isn’t in the air yet. But the labyrinth is open, at least for now, so come on down and contemplate the coming of spring!

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