Australian Aboriginal Performance in Guthrie Play

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Hi folks, we just had someone from Australia in the store who told us about a new play opening at the Guthrie, which is somewhat up the Mythic alley:

It’s called Northern Lights, Southern Cross, and according to their blurb, it’s

“the epic story of an ordinary man. Kevin Kling is a regular Minnesota guy, until his motorcycle hits the asphalt and his injured brain wakes him up on the other side of the world. Guided by Aboriginal artists, members of the Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir, and members of Native Pride Dancers, Kling’s journey home is rooted in cultural mythology, storytelling, ritual dance and music, the humor of the tricksters and the healing sense of place.”

Sounds very cool and Shamanic.  Though the pictures for the play have everyone in clown noses and makeup which worries me somewhat.

But there will be authentic ritual dance and didgeridoo and all that jazz.  Here’s the link to the Guthrie site:

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