Minneapolis May Day Parade

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The 31st annual MayDay Parade and Festival will be Sunday, May 1, 2005 beginning at 1:00 p.m.

Whether you celebrate May 1 as Beltane, Floralia, or any of the other spring fertility festivals dating back to pagan Europe; or celebrate May 1 International Labor Day to commemorate the nationwide strikes on May 1, 1886 which led to the 8 hour standard for full-time work, Powderhorn Park in South Minneapolis is the place to be this Sunday. This is the place where 50,000 Minnesotans of all paths gather to celebrate the coming of spring and commemorate this historical day.

The event is a parade and Tree of Life Ceremony where community groups, local non-profit groups, and worker’s rights groups come together. The Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater organizes and leads the annual parade down Bloomington Avenue from 25th street to 34th street and into Powderhorn Park. Four large puppets represent for Sky, Prairie, Woods, and River. The performance ends when the Sun puppet is rowed across Powderhorn Lake followed by the raising of the Tree of Life puppet accompanied by the audience singing “You Are My Sunshine.” Veterans stake out the hillside with blankets in the early hours of the morning to get the best seat for this play. (for Map Click Here)

Sandy Spieler, Artistic Director at the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater, has said the legendary Minneapolis May Day parade in Powderhorn is about “the twining of two different roots: the red root, the blood of the People’s struggles; and the green root, the ancient, ancient root of the change-bringing of the earth to springtime.”

Music and Entertainment abounds. Vendors provide food and crafts along the shores of Powderhorn Lake. Expect a long walk if you are driving. Carpool or Bus (#14) if possible. The time to get there is EARLY. The parade & ceremony are scheduled for 1-4 p.m. with festivities and socializing continuing until dusk.

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  1. And it was spectacular! A wonderful event!

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