Do you believe in elves, ents, wizards?

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We know many of the folk who frequent our store are fans of the Lord of the Rings. For a lot of us, we discovered our love of myth or runes or herbs through an early influence of Tolkien’s work. We thought you would like to support the effort to bring the Hobbit to the screen by the same director who gave us the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We wanted to make sure you knew there is something you can do.



  1. I personally believe that Elves are a Nordic word for Angel. Dark Elves are Demons.
    Elves live in the Spirit world and Dark Elves are responsible for bad luck and bad influence.

    The true mention of Elves comes not from fantasy but rather from Norse Mythology. It is proven that most major mythologies across the globe have a common root as there are similarities such as the flood presented throughout. The Norse and also Greek Gods are possibly the same people mentioned in the Bible at the time of the flood.

    The Norse we know are related to the Jatts of India (called Juts in Scandinavia, hence ‘Jutland’) as can be seen by comparing old Norse with Sanskrit and also surnames such as Baines, Mann, Gill, Heyer and Hans.

    This shows the extent at which people and beliefs are related. The Sanskrit word ‘Aryan’ meaning Noble blood is related to the Norse word ‘Yarl’ (Earl in English).
    In the Bible the Jaats /Juts / Jatts are the sons of Joktan who lived in the area of Central Asia as you travel towards the Himilayas, the great mountain region of the East.
    The land that was know as ‘Shinar’ is what is now Turkey and is where we get the name ‘Asia’ from.

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