North Country Binges

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Minneapolis-St. Paul ranks 2nd among America’s Drunkest cities according to a Special Report. Guess who ranks #1? You got it, Milwaukee.

Yes, it’s cold. But so is Duluth. Even colder. I personally think it has something to do with a social climate more than the physical one. When you go up nort’, well, people are people. They don’t have to be so “nice” and stuff themselves into a mold which requires lubrication to fit into. Or it might be our habit of denial. Or it might be that we are so close to Milwaukee.

Although it’s interesting to know this little tidbit. I’m really more interested in why. 


  1. I’m not sure how they get their statistics, especially regarding up north. Everybody I know who grew up or has lived in the greater Minnesota area assures me that the most popular pass time in the north woods is drinking.

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