Our Hearts are in Victoria, Australia

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We are sending a call out to all Reiki healers, Wiccans, Druids Pagans, Christians, Hindus, Muslims etc. to send healing energy and prayers to the folks in Australia for strength, wisdom and healing. Some of you may remember the amazing concert we had at the Cedar Cultural Center last spring featuring Wendy Rule. It was Wendy first visit to our area, from her home in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She remarked about the amazing amount of lakes and rivers here in our town, and compared it to the terrain in her own home. If you’ve read her MySpace Blog, she’s often written about her love for the amazing natural landscape that surrounds Melbourne, and her connection to the land there.

Last Friday, Wendy released her new album in Melbourne. But, this weekend, that celebration was overtaken by grim news as the brush fires raged around the city, and many are still uncontrollable. Over a hundred people have died, thousands are injured, and over 700 homes have been lost to the fire. The landscape as well, looks more like a moonscape in some of the pictures I’ve seen. The entire thing is heart-rending and knowing that some of the fires may have been arson is staggering. If we could, we would ship some of this wet, cold Minnesota weather down there, to dowse the fires, but for now, we just send all our prayers and healing energies.

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