Snap Review: The After Tarot

Snap Review: The After Tarot

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By Susan Lynx

When the After Tarot arrived at the shop, I got goosebumps as soon as I saw the first few cards. Created by Pietro Alligo, the artwork by Giulia Francesca Massaglia is based on the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) cards. This completely new deck answers the question “What happens to the Arcana you know, one moment into the future?” To get a flavor of the deck, here is what happens to the Fool.

On the left we see the familiar Fool in the RWS. On the right, in the After Tarot, he has taken that next step and hangs on to the crumbling cliff. While the knapsack of worldly belongings and karmic baggage falls away, the Fool is unconcerned as he inhales the aroma of the flower and savors the moment. In one way, the Fool seems more “foolish.” For me, it adds a new level of awareness and makes me ask the question “Isn’t every step into the future like this? Do I really know what’s coming from moment to moment?” When things happen unexpectedly, I’d like to let go of my past and enjoy the now for as long as I have it.

Intrigued? The book by Corrine Kenner that accompanies the deck is a rich resource. There is a spread for alternate futures and a chart that makes it easy to apply basic astrology to the cards. The cards are organized and explained using numerology in a way that is easy to understand and use. Last but definitely not least, there is a very detailed description of the many symbols in each card. I love how the After Tarot rejuvenates and freshens traditional Tarot. Highly recommended.

The After Tarot is available through the Eye of Horus, either in person or through our website. Order your copy today!

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