Völva Staving Workshops

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Volva WorkshopThe Völva are women described throughout the Sagas and Eddas performing shamanic oracular work, blessings, and other ritual tasks. They are described as carrying a staff or Stav, which is the tool Kari Tauring uses in this open series of workshops. The Stav is traditionally used in herding, martial arts, and for rhythm. Stav (literally means ‘knowledge of the rune staves’) is used in Völva seidr work, the Norse Shamanic Women’s tradition.

One Saturday each month (usually the 1st–see the store calendar), Kari leads a two hour workshop to explore the history of the Völva and the uses of the Stav. We recommend you bring a staff and another stick or wand. Class size is limited to 5, so please register in advance the secure your spot. Register online or call the store at 612-872-1292.

More about the Sessions

Sessions include stretching our bodies and body mechanics, creating rhythms, warming up our voices for chants and songs, discussing the history and uses of the tool as per the topic of the month. The group will use rhythm, chant and other theatrics to help us get out of our “Ego Space” and move into a different consciousness. We never “leave our body” or fall into a trance that pulls us out of awareness. It is awareness and conscious intent that creates powerful transitional experience. At only $20 per session, this is an incredible opportunity to explore the lore and traditions of the Völva. You can also pre-pay for four sessions at $70 and save $10. View info for upcoming sessions.

More about Stav

Herding cultures around the world use sticks for a variety of reasons. Norse women alone on the seters (summer farms high in the mountains) used them too. Keeping cows and sheep in order, keeping one’s balance in the rocky terrain of the summer farms, fending off foxes (or worse), and as working rhythm for spinning, threshing, weaving, churning. Spinning has associations with trance work as well, as the Norns or fates spin, weave and cut the fabric of our lives. Carrying distaffs they further unite the traditions of spinning and trance work. Kari explores all aspects of working with the Stav monthly at the Eye, with a different focus for each session.

About Kari Tauring

Kari creates, uses, studies, and teaches the runes and other Nordic Roots material at events and workshop in the Twin Cities and abroad. Her intimate knowledge and understanding of the runes and related Norse material comes through her deep study of the runes spanning two decades, one-on-one readings, public workshops and theatrical productions.

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