New Moon in Aquarius – Feb 18th 2015

New Moon in Aquarius – Feb 18th 2015

This new moon is on the edge of Aquarius, and about to enter Pisces. Aquarius New Moon ImageSo this new moon is about the sense of transition at a key moment of history.

In this Aquarius New Moon Video, Eye of Horus Astrologer Heather Roan Robbins talks with Thraicie about the power and responsibility of speech and the Word. She also provides a heads up for the quick transition (11 minutes or so after the New Moon) into Aries, and all the planets getting into that sign.

Thraicie, our founder and on heckuva Tarot Reader, brings all of this down to earth, literally into the plants and dirt which correspond to all of this astrological action. Check out the video below where she lets gives you some tips on choosing incense and herbs for dream work and tumbled stones to strengthen the throat chakra, which is the center of speech.

Aquarius only lasts a few minutes, so do your dreaming and visioning while you can. First, the moon goes into Pisces, then it’s a bit of a whirlwind as on Feb 19th, Mars & Venus (Man/Woman) come together in Pisces for a one night stand and then Mars enters Aries on the 19th, Venus follows, entering Aries on the 20th. All of this male and female action in Aries means we’re looking at a kick-butt spring time about to emerge.

Take advantage of this new moon. It is our last moment to determine the vision before Aries takes over and demands action. Remember the old saying, “A vision without action is a dream, action without vision is a nightmare.” When you have both vision and action, you get transformation or creation.

Quick tip: Wear or meditate with Amethyst and Fluorite for bringing forth the positive intentions and true will and to avoid falling into negative patterns or external dictates. For more, watch the video!

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Full Buck Moon – July 22, 2013

Full Buck Moon – July 22, 2013

Full Buck Moon: Jul 22, 1:16 P.M. (CST) is at 0º Aquarius 06′

Aquarius Full MoonJuly is normally the month when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur. It was also often called the Full Thunder Moon, for the reason that thunderstorms are most frequent during this time. Other names for this month’s Moon is the Full Hay Moon, in India, the July full moon is known as Guru Purnima and the Buddhist Sinhala call it Esala Poya. In China, it is the Hungry Ghost Moon. The Celts called it the Claiming Moon, some Neo Pagans call it the Rose Moon, and Wiccans the Mead moon.

On the Cusp

This FullMoon is on the cusp of Aquarius.  This means that the Moon has just moved into Aquarius, from Capricorn.  Also, the Sun has just entered Leo, so the energy right now is very crisp & new.  Mercury has finally gone direct (after being retrograde for several weeks), and the Sun & Moon are both settling into new signs.  So be ready for a refreshing change of pace.

From the Fringe

The Full Moon pulls the energy of Leo through Aquarius, to bring us a bright ray of social consciousness.  We will notice more acceptance of the non-traditional,  and even feel drawn to it.  Those who may be considered on the fringe of society may attract the attention they need by acting out.  So if that’s you, try not to go overboard.  Anything you can do to feel more secure & calm will help interactions go more smoothly.  Alienating others can be kinda fun, but it doesn’t really benefit in the long run.

If you’re the recipient of outre behavior, try to be patient & accepting.  There may be a healing process in progress.

All of us should make a point of enjoying the ride.  This is a fantastic time to explore different cultures & traditions, and partake of all the flavors of life that the world has to offer.  Celebrate diversity!

Walk in Beauty

Our Leo Sun is also semisexile Venus in Virgo.  Semisextile is generally considered to be a “minor” aspect, but the orb is very tight at this point, giving it a much stronger influence.  This combination is all about taste, style, diplomacy, and charm.  It should help us to express our own uniqueness in a manner that others can actually appreciate.  It should also add to our ability to enjoy the beauty of each other’s differences.

This is a fantastic time for any FengShui or organizational/placement changes you may have been thinking about.  Beauty through organization… its all about the presentation.

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New Moon in Aquarius and a February Challenge

Feb 10th, 2013 01:22:46 AM CST

New Moon – 21° 43′ Aquarius

The exceptionally powerful new moon in Aquarius takes place at 21 degrees in the very early morning on February 10th.  Your intention should be innovative and designed to liberate you. As the New Moon Squares the nodes it becomes a crossroads between future and past.  If you find yourself in that in-between state, the liminal place, don’t think of yourself as stuck. Consider it the Dreamtime, or the Ground of Being, where all that potential is, where you are now.

New Moon is goal time, and with the new moon in Aquarius, we’re looking at creative, innovative, exciting and collaborative things. So think about what exactly it is you want to manifest with the New Moon Energy. Be specific and write it all out. Actually write down a few things, a sentence or paragraph.

I was reading a fitness blog about a February Challenge presented by the Movement Minneapolis.  It wasn’t about what you would think… not necessarily about working out or losing weight. Instead it was about, basically, making the most of what you’ve got by driving the top line, that is, adding to the things which help you to thrive rather than just survive.  Perfect for New Moon in Aquarius! [Read more…]