The Power of Essential Oils

The Power of Essential Oils

Smell is by far one of our most important sensory functions. It can bring us to different states of mind as well as elicit emotional responses in a way that not many of our other senses can. Combine this with the aid of powerful plant allies and it’s easy to see why essential oils are becoming more and more looked at as a useful tool for the mind, body, and spirit. Although they have risen in popularity, there has been recorded use of essential oils for around 5,000 years, so there’s definitely something to this.

But before we jump in too deep, what exactly are essential oils? Very large amounts of plant matter go into making these concentrates, which aids to their effectiveness. For example, it takes around 242,000 rose petals to make just 5 ml of rose essential oil! Steam distillation, solvent extraction, CO2 extraction, maceration, enfleurage, cold press extraction, and water distillation are all different ways that these oils can be processed.

So now that we know what these oils are, how can they help us? One of the most important and unique ways that they can affect us is their ability to interact with both our internal and external cellular makeup. Because of their small molecular size and lipid solubility, they are able to pass through the blood brain barrier (which is the most secure membrane in the body) to directly influence our state of being. For example, have you ever placed lavender in a diffuser or on the skin with the help of a carrier oil and immediately felt more at peace? Below are a few ways to enjoy these herbal blends in a safe way.


Due to their HIGHLY concentrated nature, they should be used with great respect and care. A few drops is all that will ever be needed when working with these allies. We never recommend applying them to the skin without a carrier oil, and especially to NEVER INGEST THEM INTERNALLY. Also, some oils may cause sensitivities and or be toxic to be used around young children and animal companions. Whenever you bring new oils into the home, double check the safety for all members of the home.


Whether you have a mist diffuser or a variety that releases the scent of the oils from a candles heat, filling the air with scent is one of the easiest ways to welcome the benefits of the plants into your routine. Diffusion is excellent to relax before bed, when cleaning the home, or to create ambiance in your space at any time.

Add them to cleaning supplies!

Need some energetic cleansing while you go about your chores? Try adding a few drops of sage, lemongrass or cedarwood into your cleaning supplies to move both energetic and physical debris. These oils would also be a great addition to any homemade cleaners as well. Lemon essential oil is one of our favorites to add to any DIY (do-it-yourself) blends for it’s crisp, clean scent.

Body Care

Essential oils are very easily incorporated into either pre-made or DIY body care products through the use of a carrier oil or carrier substance. Commonly these botanicals are blended in with other butters and oils such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil, hemp seed oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, or aloe vera and applied topically to the skin and hair. Not only does this make you smell like flowers (’cause who doesn’t love that?) but traditionally, these oils have been mixed to potentially provide health benefits as well. Some oils like Tea Tree for example, will have antimicrobial properties, and other oils such as ginger may have an anti inflammatory effect on the skin. These blends can also be placed in roller balls or sprays as a personal fragrance.


Looking to invoke a particular deity? Performing a spell? Essential oils are an ideal way to take your magic to the next level. They are easily placed on altars, added to mojo bags, and act as an excellent way to supercharge candles by anointing them with a corresponding oil. They can also be diffused during a ritual for a smoke free substitute for traditional incense.

Although everything listed here is a great place to start with these oils, this only scratches the surface on all of the possibilities of use. The more you work with them, the more in tune you will inherently become with their potential. Let the plant communication begin!

Anxiety Relief Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend

Anxiety Relief Essential Oil BlendLet go of anxious thoughts and release stressful feelings with aromatherapy.
Anxiety Relief is a synergistic blend of: Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender, Mandarin, Patchouli and Majoram essential oils.

Our aromatherapy synergy blends are carefully selected for therapeutic value and aroma from artisan distillers throughout the world who dedicate their skills to making the finest oil of each variety. These are 100% essential oil blends. Before putting on skin you should dilute with a carrier oil and do a skin test.

Anxiety Relief Synergy Blend is distributed exclusively by Eye of Horus Metaphysical.

Natural Laundry Soap – Artisan Made

Looking for a way to walk lighter on the earth?  Try our Eco-friendly natural laundry soap, locally crafted by Mugwort Maggie’s Apothecary. How about throwing in a little aromatherapy with your wash?  With scents like Sandalwood, Patchouli, Lilac, Lavender and Sage, you get instant aromatherapy, while you do your wash! Of course, it’s available Unscented as well, for those with sensitivities.

Each bag is Mixed Lovingly by Hand
The ingredients for each bag are weighed and measured separately to insure that the proper amounts are mixed. The soap used as the base is hand grated and laid to cure in front of the wood stove. It is then hand ground to the finest powder enabling it to dissolve completely in the coldest of wash water.

Help Save Our Environment!
Lavender Laundry SoapThis bag – a modest 6-1/2 inches tall – is probably as big as your BigBrand box would be if they stopped using chemical fillers; one of which is a by product of the paper pulp industry. It won’t create buildup on your clothing, which means it requires less energy to run the wash and less water to rinse clean.

Mugwort Maggie’s Laundry Soap uses an all-natural, chemical-free, (vegan) plant-based bar soap and a small amount of water softening natural minerals such as soda ash. All of our soaps are nontoxic, completely biodegradable and 100% free of petrochemicals, phosphates and dyes. This is just laundry detergent at its most basic. Our laundry soap is safe for your drains, septic systems and the environment in every way!

A Little Goes a LONG way
You will be amazed with Mugwort Maggie’s Laundry Soap cleaning power and versatility! It works great in cold water, for hand washables and grubby work clothes. It naturally whitens dingy whites and brightens colors – even in hard water situations! Used as a pre-treatment and rubbed in as a paste, it will remove most oil, grease and alcohol stains.

Do you use cloth diapers for your children? If so, you may be pleased to know a small amount of Mugwort Maggie’s Laundry Soap in a soaking solution will neutralize the acidity of cloth diapers and baby clothes! We’ve had feedback from customers telling us that since washing their babies cloth diapers in our soap their baby’s rash occurrences have disappeared!

Available unscented or scented – click here for varieties available online (more scents are available in our Minneapolis store).