May 2008: Mythos by Niamh O’Connor

Mythos Show ImageThe Eye of Horus Mythic Art Gallery presents Mythos, a solo show of the works of Niamh O’Connor. The show was originally scheduled to run from May 10th through July 31st, but due to popular demand, has been extended through September 7th. The reception featured the only full viewing of one of the artifacts, The Tome of the Nephilim – 8.5” x 16”, metal and leather bound book is in a glass case on the store floor, but the rest of the 20-some pieces are in the 2nd floor gallery.

In addition to the framed pieces, fine art prints are also for sale, starting at $29.00 for individual Tarot images. Prints are also available as part of the Mythos show.

Although Mythos primarily showcases images, Niamh O’Connor has also explored the Nephilim theme using masks, book art, and even a cloak (see images below). [Read more…]

March 2008 – Through the Mind of Onayemi


Celebrating the Orishas through art.

Join us for the Artist Reception and African Drumming Performance ReScheduled for Saturday March 8th 7-9 p.m. Refreshments will be served. Call the store at 612-872-1292 for information/directions.

Onayemi Ogunkoye will be our featured artist through the end of April, 2008. His art focuses on the Orishas, the attributes of the Source of All Things as personified as sentient beings in the Ifa Tradition of Yorubaland, West Africa, and the New World traditions of Santeria and Haitian Vodou and other decended branches of the African Tradition.

The title of the show reflects the way in which these pieces of art came to be . . . Onayemi feels these images are a reflection of an inner listening rather than a contrivance.

Boldly colored and symbolic, these multi-media paintings [Read more…]

November 2007 – Winterfest

Celebrate a Season of Light

Winterfest featuring Yuletide by Merdith DillmanDiscover the mythical art of Meredith Dillman. These exquisitely detailed watercolor paintings echo the best spirit of the season. Look at her painting Yuletide, can’t you almost hear the medieval band begin to play, with it’s lutes, recorders, drums and harps?

Meredith’s art has been published in role-playing games, the books “Watercolor Fairies“, “Fairy Motifs”, “How to Draw and Paint Fairies” and metaphysical magazines and journals. Winterfest is the first one woman show of her paintings, and we are thrilled to celebrate the holiday season with her artwork in our gallery, both online and in our showroom.

Not only do we have her beautiful original paintings, but we have obtained a wide selection of prints and keepsake boxes created from Meredith’s artwork as well. Even though she lives and works in our own backyard, she has gained a following around the world through the books, magazines, and journals that have published her artwork. The Winterfest Art Show runs from November 4th 2007 through January 31st 2008.