Full Moon in Sagittarius: Rocket Ship Launch

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Rocket Ship Launch

Full Moon

The moon is full in bombastic and wild Sagittarius, Monday, June 17 (3:30 am, CDT). Celebrations ensue for Midsummer on June 21 (10:54 am, CDT)! The longest day of the year gives the most hours of daylight to explore the world and discover the fruits of summertime!

It’s the essence of letting the animals out of their cages to roam free and lighting the rocket ship to watch it launch full blast! Travel, whether through a book or on a train, fills the soul up with wisdom and new perspectives. Seeking adventures and exploring provide outlets for maximum energies that peak during Midsummer. Dreams and schemes that have been gestating during 2019 are born. The risk-taking gambler comes out to play and make it big. Celebrations and libations may be aplenty, though keep aware of imbibing too much!


Strengths of Sagittarius are honesty and bluntness, which can shock the sensibilities at times.  Use sensitivity when communicating, as words can flare up and be extra cutting. Anger, moodiness and irritability intensify with Mars in Cancer. The sign of Cancer rules family, mothers, home, roots, and nourishment; these areas of life are stirred. How can we blow off steam to release some of the pressure and promote a sense of well-being? Fighting instincts may be sparked by personal, cultural and political strife. The boxing gloves are on, but the punches are indirect.  What are strategic and protective ways of responding to turmoil?

Summer Solstice launches into eclipse season with a solar eclipse in Cancer July 2 and a lunar eclipse in Capricorn July 16. More to follow!

To constructively harness anger, consider burning one of the Wicked Witch Mojo Outta My Way candles from Coventry Creations. This “magic with attitude” candle was created to help clear obstacles and negativity in order to help you be and do your best. To help choose which projects to concentrate on, try burning some of Shoyeido’s Creativity incense. Part of their Kyoto Crescent Moon line, this combination of cinnamon, clove, and spice is sure to help get your creative cycles spinning. To enjoy the fruits of summer and celebrate, add some of the Eye of Horus’ Van Van Spray or Van Van Oil to your daily routine. This bright, lemony oil blend is perfect for helping raise the mood and inject some added positive vibes into everything you do.

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New Moon in Gemini: Chasing Chickens

New Moon in Gemini: Chasing Chickens

This new moon in Gemini, a chick hatches out of its shell and starts to peep (June 3, 5:01 am CDT)! Gemini, a sign that embodies duality, tends toward multiplicity. One chick hatches and soon follows another and another. Before too long, a brood of chicks is running around. The chasing of chickens begins! Fun and exhilarating at first, chickens run in opposite directions all over the place as it becomes trickier to keep track of them all!

A craving for variety inspires dabbling in multiple pursuits at once. Opportunities make themselves known as spring inches closer to summer, some take root while others blow away like dandelion fluff in the breeze. Nets are cast wide this month, catching social butterflies to begin mingling. The gift of gab and gossip are enhanced. Trickery and evasiveness may cloud circumstances.

Gemini is known for cleverness and communication. While connecting with others and sharing ideas, inspiration may be found in the world of the arts. A work-worshipping paradigm begs for balance as the new moon suggests finding wealth in songs, books, music, poetry, theatre — any form of creative expression.

Mars joins north node in Cancer June 12, defending the oppressed and fighting against the backsliding our country has witnessed. A stop-go dynamic faces off with old structures collapsing as rebuilding takes place. More to come on this later, as we prepare for eclipse season this July.

To help juggle multiple projects, try some of the Eye of Horus’ Fatigue Remedy aromatherapy oil. This essential oil blend is designed to help bring a lightness to your day and increase your energy to get things done. To work your social butterfly mojo, consider carrying with you a lapis gemstone. This noble stone helps project your desires and enhances communication with others by helping project your best self. To retain balance with a stop-go dynamic, light one of Coventry Creations’ Inner Balance candles. This candle helps you keep in the center of opposite dynamics and maintain a sense of purpose and stability.

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Full Moon in Libra:  Rambling on the Rocky Road

Full Moon in Libra: Rambling on the Rocky Road

The full moon in Libra packs a punch Friday, April 19 (6:12 am, CDT)! Surprise revelations and abrupt epiphanies bring clarity to situations that were concealed in the foggy mists of the previous March. A powerful push directs the flow, breaking apart and separating. Choices become clear at a crossroads of sorts. Saturn changes direction, retrograding April 20, potentizing the full moon. Sharp turns around hard edges navigate rocky roads. Big changes unearthed help to move stagnant and stuck patterns!

Reactivity has a polarizing effect. Saturn and Pluto straddle the south node, transforming and purifying intensely. Balance may be sought by exercising determination with difficulties while finding an outlet for restlessness and the need for newness.

Another dynamic involves freedom-oriented quester Jupiter in Sagittarius, elbowing the lovely and elusive Venus in Pisces. The God of Merrymaking pursues the Goddess of Love, and the chase gets exhausting as more and more is demanded from her. Opportunities for growth make themselves known; use wisdom as a guide for narrowing choices down to palatable form!

To help cope with the winds of change, try lighting Coventry Creations’ Outta My Way! candle. Part of their Wicked Witch Mojo line, this candle is full of playful energy designed to help you get unstuck and control how your life is changing. To discern what opportunities are best taken, consider adding the Eye of Horus’ Meditation oil to your daily routine. This aromatherapy essential oil blend helps to create a relaxing atmosphere more conducive to clear thought. To ground, light some of Shoyeido’s Amethyst incense. This special incense blend aims to bring balance and peace to any environment its burned in.