Three Essential Witchcraft Books from Copper Cauldron

Three Essential Witchcraft Books from Copper Cauldron

She was a witch long before Buffy or Charmed or any number of Hollywood versions of witchcraft exploded into the popular imagination. She is the Official Witch of Salem and author of several books on the craft going back decades, but the latest offerings, published by Copper Cauldron are her legacy and a must-have for any student of the Craft and Magick or (Majick.) People sometimes ask if witches are real. Laurie Cabot breaks the stereotype of the witch of imagination (woman, all in black, casting spells) with a living example of a priestess who not only embraces the stereotype, but embodies a Craft tradition that is rich, deep, compassionate and yes, real. She didn’t get to be the Official Witch of Salem for wearing black, but for her work with Special Needs children. Her two latest works are essential in the rich legacy of the Cabot Tradition.

Laurie Cabot's Book of Shadows - Pentacle Crow Cat Triple moon Laurie Cabot’s Book of Shadows

If you are tired of ‘witchcraft lite’ titles, this 7.5 by 9.25 inch 512 page compilation of a life’s Craft work is a deep spring to renew your practice.  The history, lore, rituals and recipes for incense, oils and more included in this opus are available for you to draw from to enhance your own craft.

If you are a working High Priestess or Priest, there’s advice on working alone or in a group. If you are a student, you will welcome the inclusion of the materials on the Science, Art and Religion of witchcraft. Available as both a Hardcover or a Paperback, Laurie Cabot’s Book of Shadows has a place on the essential witches book shelf. [Read more…]

Handmade Leather Journals

These handmade and hand bound journals are meant to take us back to a time when things were not mass produced—to a time when value was placed on how much skill and effort was required to produce a truly unique item. Even the paper is handmade by a family that has been crafting paper for nearly 150 years.  Actually, the paper is premium quality handmade linen parchment that passes the most strict PH – acidity-marker test. This tree-free, environmentally friendly paper is wonderful for all types of media such as water colors, fountain pens or any type of pencils and ball point pens you can think of.

Handmade Leather JournalsTop grade vegetable tanned leather is used throughout our entire line of heirloom quality, Coptic bound journals. At first stiff, the leather becomes softer and gains character with use and age. One of the great joys about a hand bound Coptic laced binding is that the book always lays open flat, there is never a need of holding down the page so its easy to write in . . . perfect for a sketch book, Gratitude Journal or Book of Shadows!

Vintage, old world craftsmanship and consistent quality become more precious as time marches on.  Perfect for a personal journal, or to create your own family or craft tradition heirloom, detailing your seasonal celebrations, quotable moments, and magickal themes.  Look closely and you will see the beautiful woven linen pattern in the tree free paper of our journals. You can see, touch and feel the quality of each journal with the turn of every page. It’s a personal and lasting experience of texture and senses which will ignite your creativity and invite you to try new mediums and explore your inner and outer world, knowing the record you keep will last for generations. The image above features the Entangled Dragons Journal, Earth Mother (Gaia) Journal and the God’s Eye Journal.

Other styles are planned and we will add more when they become available.  View all handmade leather journals.

Ancient Deckle Edge Scroll

Ancient Deckle Edge Parchment ScrollFor those who like a little more room for artwork, diagrams or creating your own illuminated manuscript, we also offer the large 14½” x11″ Parchment Scroll. If you are truly into the “old ways” this journal/sketchbook is made exactly the way they made them 1,000 years ago. The cover is free-ranged goat skin. The pages are handmade deckle edge parchment paper of high grade organically grown cotton which is acid, resin and toxin free. Just roll it up and use the leather string to tie it into a compact and attractive scroll which can fit into a satchel, messenger bag or backpack. Then when you get to your destination, unroll and record your observations.  The larger format makes it easy to stretch beyond the imposed boundary of a smaller book.

On some of these you can see the actual spots of the goat on the naturally vegetable tanned leather… very ancient and tribal look and feel. Some of them are tanned all the way to black.  Each one is unique.  The paper can be removed and refilled. Great for Artists!  Another plus for artists is that we are able to offer it at a reduced price because we get this direct from the makers. Check it out!

  • Size when flat and closed: 14 1/2″ x 11″
  • Size when rolled in a scroll: 11″ x 3 1/2″
  • Paper is approx 13″ x 10 1/2″
  • Refillable