New Moon In Cancer June 2014

New Moon In Cancer June 2014

With the New Moon in Cancer, we explore this water sign and the archetype of the crab. The effects of the new moon are strongest within 72 hours, but the different planetary positions carry a longer influence. Astrologer Heather Roan Robbins and Eye of Horus Founder Thraicie Hawkner discuss the current new moon and offer advice on how to mitigate challenges and maximize opportunities in this episode of Moon Magic. Heather talks about the shell and soft core of the crab, and Thraicie talks about empathy, grounding and more.

First check out the video for all the influences and astrological aspects, and what they mean. Then check out the rest of this article which highlights some of the tools which will help you work with the energy of the Cancer New Moon:

Myrrh, the Temple Incense for Boundaries


Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh is good for putting up healthy shielding and filtering type boundary.

On the Tree of Kife, Myrrh corresponds with the sphere of Binah, which is also Saturn. It is very good at form and boundaries and very solid manifestation. Some people don’t like this energy because it is so limiting, but if we are trying to set boundaries, shield and limit chaos, it is ideal. We carry a number of incenses with Myrrh as an ingredient>

Recorded use of Myrrh goes back over 4,000 years. It is a key ingredient in the ancient Egyptian Kyphi temple incense, and the ancient Greek perfume, Megaleion. It is an ingredient in a number of incense blends, and is widely recognized as one of the gifts of the Magi, and as such is one of the ingredients in Three Kings Resin Blend.

It is also a key ingredient in the Eye of Horus Herbal/resin incense blend.

Myrrh Blends well with: Frankincense, Lavender, Patchouli, Tea Tree.

Good Stones for the Cancer New Moon

Prehnite Stone

Prehnite Crystal Tumbled Stone

Prehnite Tumbled Stone approx 1-2 inch

Prehnite is a great stone for shielding and setting boundaries. It strengthens the aura and helps to distinguish the emotions which may be coming from external sources. When you are empathic, picking up on other people’s emotions, sometimes they express as if they are your own. But you need to be able to separate external sources and keep them from affecting your own balance.

With the New Moon in Cancer, even people who usually aren’t overly empathic may need a little extra help so they don’t find themselves dealing with unexpected emotions from who knows where.

Prehnite gives you that filter and shield. For long-term use, it is good for psychic work, especially for discerning what you are picking up from external sources and not just your own inner voice.

Because it is so good at sorting things out, Prehnite also enhances dreams, meditation, intuition, love, forgiveness, compassion, peace calm and prophecies.  Order from the Eye>

Desert (Polychrome) Jasper

Polychrome Jasper, Desert Jasper

Desert or Polychrome Jasper 2-3 inch palm pebbles

Sometimes shielding isn’t enough, especially if some of your own deep mysteries surface unexpectedly. How do you ground and find calm to navigate your inner ocean? We recommend Polychrome Jasper , also called Desert Jasper or Royal Savannah Jasper to bring in a positive, even happy energy. It is excellent to help keep you grounded and safe doing spiritual work. This is a great long-term addition to your altar or carry-pouch (aka medicine bag, mojo bag) to help you with those long term goals and permanent transformations. Get desert jasper for your alter or mojo bag>

Metaphysical properties of polychrome Desert Jasper:

  • Stability – Smooth out your aura
  • Balance – Brings Tranquility, Comfort and healing.
  • Grounding – Especially after shamanic journeys or astral travel

Hematite for Grounding and Protection

 Cross of Archangel Michael, Hematite for Protection

Cross of St. Michael, Hematite for Protection

If you need extra stability and protection, hematite is the ultimate grounding stone. When polished, Hematite is Black to steel or silver-grey, in it’s natural state it is brown to reddish brown, or red. This shiny gray stone is primarily ferric oxide, and ore of iron, which makes it red and relates it to fire and Mars.  Hematite will connect you to the core of the earth, you can use it to drop anchor in any storm.

We have hematite mounted in a unique talisman which includes a sigil of the Archangel Michael for added protection.

Chakra: Root or base chakra – Maladhara
Zodiac: Aries, Aquarius
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire/Earth

The Hematite Cross of St Michael is available for online ordering. We will ship it to you or you can pre-order online and we’ll let you know when it is available in the store. Click here for ordering>

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New Moon in Cancer July 8th

New Moon in Cancer July 8th

New moon July 8th, 02:16:06 AM (CDT) is 16° 18′ Cancer

This is a time when we are more inclined toward intimate conversations, rather than superficial topics.  Cancer is concerned with home, family and security. It is the nesting sign. Mercury is retrograde in the Water sign of Cancer, and conjunct both Sun and Moon (aka NewMoon). What does this mean?

New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer

This New Moon Comes with a Warning

Unfortunately, the retrograde energy may lead to misunderstandings, especially concerning our emotions and sense of security.  Do what you can to be aware of crossed communication-wires, as they are happening.  If you can identify the situation, and step back from it, you may be able to avoid hurt feelings on both sides.  If you can identify a conversation that went awry, in retrospect, do what you can to revisit the topic and sooth any jangled nerves.

Be careful not to replay old scripts and hurts, projecting the past onto the present. Things you thought you let go of may revisit, especially in home and family matters. Just wait it out, and remember to keep the past in the past.

Keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde for everyone (not just you) and be as gentle with each other as possible.

Accentuate the Positive

With a retrograde Mercury occupying the same space as our New Moon, this is a fantastic time for brain-storming.  Think outside the box.  Don’t judge any of the ideas that are coming through, just allow them to flow.  Especially any ideas around home/family/security/nurturing topics.

This is a great time to re-examine a situation or project, and a great time to re-evaluate goals.  It’s also an auspicious time to switch things up… maybe move the furniture around & revamp the Feng Shui of your space.

At Eye of Horus, we always do a big physical and energy clearing during mercury retrograde. We also try to take a fresh look around and see if we need to switch our focus.

We are just in a terrific time for experimentation.  Play with it!

But don’t commit to anything… Avoid signing any contracts, or making promises, until Mercury stations direct on July 20th.  But please do take this time to experiment with changes and new ideas.  Just remember that none of these new ideas are in stone.  They are likely to be tweaked or changed again, but don’t take this personally.

The Lucky 18%

Another interesting note is that approx 18% of our population was born under Mercury retrograde.  Such people naturally live with awkward communications & mis-fired plans, and tend to be a bit more nimble on their toes because of it.  If your natal Mercury is retrograde, these phases might not hit you as hard other people.  You can grin and say “welcome to my world”!  This is a good time for Mercury-retrograde natives to stand as role models for the rest of the us.  Rolling with the unpredictable changes is the best option, right now.  Don’t get bound up in frustrations.

Organic Van Van Oil

Organic Van Van Oil

Breath and Release

Remember the Mercury Retrograde Presecription: Re-evaluate, Re-vise, Re-boot and Re-member it’s all part of the cycle.  Also, a little Van Van Oil used to anoint a candle, your desk, or any space, can smooth things out, as well. Our Organic Van Van oil is made up of blend of asian grasses, with the main ingredient being Lemongrass, a very mercury-friendly essential oil. A good all purpose oil at any time, during Mercury retrograde, Van Van Essential Oil Blend is our favorite energy fix to get you through.

Click here to check out full Moon Phase calendar for 2013>

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