Forms of Feminine Spirit

Aspects of the divine feminine have been explored by artists dating back to pre-history in cultures around the world. Small figures have been found at many sites, and it is believed that they were so portable due to the nomadic nature of earlier people. Have goddess, will travel! Today these forms of the feminine spirit come to us fresh and unblemished through the elegant sculptures of Maya Hill. Her series called JourneyStones are small pocket-sized goddess figures that can be carried wherever you go.

Delving deep in the mystery of womanhood, these flowing forms represent many aspects of the goddess that are being honored again today. Whether you are a girl or woman seeking to celebrate your feminine strengths, or anyone seeking a more intimate connection to the goddess, Forms of the Feminine Spirit brings it all into the palm of your hand. Faceless, they have a universal appeal that speaks to a broad audience of mysticism and devotion. Other themes that are explored include acceptance, balance, creation, desire, fertility, and wisdom.