Full Moon in Virgo – Crow Moon Magic

Full Moon in Virgo – Crow Moon Magic

Full Crow Moon in Virgo

Full Crow Moon 14º 50’ Virgo

12:06 PM March 5, 2015

Also known as the worm moon, this is the transition between the seasons, as the frozen ground begins to thaw and the crows to caw. This full moon in Virgo takes us into deep self-examination, which is good because this is going to be an action packed spring, even as the emotional planets are coming together in Aries.

In our full moon video below, HPS Thraicie Hawkner talks about mirror magic work. Meet yourself eye-to-eye. Speak Truth with yourself. It is a perfect time for that kind of self-discovery work.

Astrologer Heather Roan Robbins details how Jupiter’s expansive nature, and the emotionally charged planets of Venus and Mars in Aries, really provide opportunity and a bit of testing.

Be careful not to make the Virgo mistake of only looking at the problem. Discover your strengths that you want to keep rather than just those things you want to cast off during spring cleaning, keeping all things in balance. Remember cleaning isn’t just getting rid of the dirt, it is also about polishing your most treasured possessions. So, when you look in the mirror to discover your true self, calling and attributes to work on, look for both the light and the dark.

Which Tarot card helps us explore and work with this energy? Check out the video to find out!

Don’t forget the Full Moon Oil

Full Moon Blessing and Conjure Oil

Handcrafted in Small Batches by Eye of Horus

Every full moon is all about manifestation, fulfillment and going deep into your intuition to find insight, wisdom and direction. Eye of Horus has created a deep blend of essential oils to invoke the Mysteries and to use as a blessing for power, protection, and luck. This vibrant and expansive oil can be use any time you need to bless a fulfillment or completion of any kind or for psychic work, but is especially useful in the three days around a full moon.

We would love it if you share this article and video so more people can take advantage of this full moon and work with it rather than at crossed purposes!

Psychic Sunday, October 26th

Psychic Sunday, October 26th

What will you find at Psychic Sunday? Well, on October 26th you’ll find five readers, Aura Photogrophy, Astrology Charts and everything the Eye has to offer. Stop in to Eye of Horus (910 W Lake St, Mpls 55408) and sample our readers as they take over every spare nook and cranny of our store for a Psychic Fair. Mini-readings are $2 per minute and booked every 15 minutes, with a 10 minute minimum and a 15 minute maximum so you have time to try different reader styles, or get an Aura Photo ($35). Book two or more readings in advance and save $5.

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Eye of Horus Spiritual Oils – Crowdfunding with Indiegogo

Eye of Horus Spiritual Oils – Crowdfunding with Indiegogo

Eye of Horus just launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a new store line of Spiritual Oils. Starting with May’s New Moon in Taurus, and running through June’s Full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn, you can get a gift certificate, pre-order oils, get an Astrology Chart, and even your own custom Zodiac oil blend based on your chart. Of course, we also accept donations in any amount, even as little as $1. Get all the details on Perks>

In 2010, we moved to a larger space which allowed us to offer more intuitive readings, Reiki Healing, Rituals, Concerts, Workshops and Discussions. We even have a labyrinth and for people to walk year round! All of this has been great, and we’ve been blessed daily in our new location, but like everyone, it’s been a tough few years. Even as many large businesses have rebounded, small ones are struggling. We’ve lost a couple of our oil suppliers due to this climate, and we’ve felt the pinch as well. But we’re rolling up our sleeves and doing something about it.

We’re also asking for your feedback.  So comment on this article, or sign up for our newsletter. We’re going to be polling you about which oils to create first, and letting you know about Spiritual Salons to test out the different formulas.

Why are we Crowdfunding ?

We need both funding and feedback to create a line of oils which will enhance your spiritual practice.

Why Oils?

We should ask you that, assuming you are our customer. We’ve seen a 16% increase in oil sales in the first quarter of 2013 vs the last quarter of 2012. Our store sales over all have remained flat. So we are focusing on an area of high demand as a focus for our continued growth.

Part of that 16% increase was adding the Lucky Mojo line of Conjure oils, and we are committed to carrying them long-term.

Spirit-oil-smallBut we’ve had requests for other oils.  There is a need for Meditation, Yoga, Chakra, Orisha, Zodiac, Planetary, Deity, Moon, Sabbat, and even Norse and other Ritual and Aromatherapy oils.  By creating our own line of oils, Eye of Horus can:

  • Provide the types of oils you need
  • Ensure a more stable source of our purpose oils
  • Expand the variety of essential and carrier oils we carry for people who want to blend their own

Eye of Horus wants to to be more responsive to your needs, establish ourselves as a trusted source for oils, and have more options for you to choose from. Banks don’t give micro-loans for anything like this, but now we can bypass the bank and go direct to the people to determine it’s a good idea with our Spiritual Oil crowdfunding campaign.

Why Now?

One big reason is to get the word out about what we’re doing, but the other is to connect with our clients and be sure we provide exactly what they are looking for.

So we will be asking for feedback from our supporters throughout this campaign to help guide us.

Thraicie and Jane also did a Tarot reading on how we would finance our growth, because we don’t have 8K on hand. The cards were clear – ask for community support. So we’re asking.

Will you help us grow and thrive by supporting the Eye of Horus signature line of spiritual oils and products?

Visit the Eye of Horus Indiegogo campaign site  There’s a lot more information there, and even if you don’t plan to contribute, you can support us by using social media from the site to like us and spread the word.


About that Shoestring Budget

We thought about just asking for enough to formulate the oils, but we want you to have the best experience when browsing, and we want our oils backstock all in one place, rather than, hmm… it’s a bit embarrassing… on top of a printer.

Oils ready for mixing

Okay, it was a temporary place to put oils when unpacking, but it really got us to envision something different. It would also be much better Feng Shui if we created more dedicated space. We just need a little help to get there.

We have a Tumbled Stone center, a Tarot center, a mojo herb center, and it’s time for an essential and fragrance oils center. Because we can do better and we want to create a magical experience for you, too!

Please comment and share this post! Better yet, go check out all the details at our Spiritual Oils Fundraising site on IndieGoGo!  We’re going to be posting videos, pictures of our progress and more.