Giant Crocus Blooming

Slowly, but surely, the brown is turning up splashes of color in our labyrinth garden. We have plenty more of the tiny crocus blooming back between the labyrinth and goddess garden. But the real flash is in the upper garden, tucked in next to the Holly Bush. These are the lovely purple Giant Crocus with their bright saffron stamens. Simply stunning. I’ve also included a shot of our little Buddha, as well as the Goddess herself, adorned with flower buds in celebration of the spring equinox.

UFO sighted at the Eye

Jane was walking up to the store this morning and spotted an Unidentified Flower Object (UFO). The two inch flower had poked it’s face through the leaves of one of our Lilac bushes.

Unidentified Flower Object

Unidentified Flower Object

But this little lady looked nothing like a lilac. First off, it was a pale yellow, and secondly, it was a single flower. The center puff of this bloom somewhat resembles a dandylion, and it is surrounded by daisy-like petals, which in turn rest on a fan of green spikes.

The leaves on the stem are long and pencil-thin, but hidden by the lilac leaves in this picture. We’re hoping someone out there might be able to identify just who this volunteer is.

It’s apparently an early bloomer, because by noon, it had closed up. Please comment if you have any idea just who this is.

Planning for Planting in 2009

I got a $50 Home Depot gift card last week, and it didn’t last very long.  I bought seeds for the labyrinth, and those little greenhouse peat pellet units – two 72-plant trays, two 25-plant trays and two 12-plant trays.  I’ve never tried the peat pellet setup before . . .  I sure hope it works.  The ones germinating now are for Coleus (72), Lavender (49), Impatiens (25) and purple Basil (72). I’m thinking of putting the lavender and purple basil out in the boulevard, as part of a much needed plant-scape I plan to do out there this year.

I also got a selection of seeds to sow directly in the ground after danger of frost.  So I found a source for frost dates in MN.  For Minneapolis the dates are:

April 28th – 10% chance or less of low temp below 28 degrees
May 12th – 10% chance or less of low temp below 32 degrees
May 24th – 10% chance or less of low temp below 36 degrees

So we’ll be planting Morning Glories and Ornamental Grass–Blue Fescue (a perennial) in the labyrinth garden.  We’ll have Alyssum  out in front of the store, and if there is any extra, somewhere in the labyrinth garden proper, or in pots. I’m even planning for next year with some foxglove seeds.  They are biennials.  So they flower in the second year.  I’ll plant some out front and some back in the Fairy Corner.