Purple Path to Wisdom

It turns out that last weekend we had some visitors from Wisdom Ways. It seems we made their labyrinth tour this year. Someone called and asked if we were open, and said they were coming with some other people. Well, a couple hours later, a dozen devoted labyrinth walkers wound their way to the Eye. They were just in time to discover the new purple theme of the blooms.

Purple columbine are starting to bloom, and join the many mounds of violets which border the path in our upper garden. I brought the camera out this morning, so here’s a picture of each, plus the secret and sensual interior of a tulip. [Read more…]

Crocus Line

We’ve gone from one to many little crocus flowers. Here they are, all lined up next to the labyrinth path, and the wind is showing them how to dance. I got a picture of the whole line as well as a couple of closeups. Click on the images in the gallery below for full pics.

Bloomin’ Crocus

Crocus Bloom April 9 2008Fickle Flower

I thought I was clever to catch the crocus before it bloomed.
I took my picture and posted it at noon.
But if I had only waited an hour or two,
I would have caught this happy view
drinking the sun to show off its bloom.

It’s the first flower of the season. Happy Spring!

Happy Poetry Month!