Fred Soll’s Supreme Incense

Fred Soll's Incense - Resin on a Stick

Fred Soll's Resin on a Stick

Eye of Horus is excited to add another premium hand-made in the U.S. incense to our store. We’ve carried award-winning Devonshire Incense since our opening, but weren’t sure if folks would pay almost $9 for 10 sticks of incense. But over the years, we consistently received requests from serious connoisseurs and ritualists that they wanted the “chunky resin” of Fred Soll’s Incense. In fact, it’s so thick with material, they refer to it as Resin on a Stick®.

What makes Fred Soll Incense so Good?

For over 20 years, Fred Soll has been making incense from all-natural ingredients. Fred’s incense making process is an intricate one that can take up to three weeks for each batch. The manual labor is intensive, but worth it. Made with all-natural resin, Fred Soll® incense is handmade, hand dipped, and dried in the New Mexico Sun.

Fred refuses to compromise his standards, buying only the highest quality pure resins, essential oils, and herbs, and never any chemicals.

All you have to do is take a look at the sticks, you’ll see the powders and the chunks of resin glittering on the surface. Pick up the package, and you’ll feel the weight of it.

Sounds good, now which Incense is the best to start with?

Well, you can browse all of the scents we carry in the Fred Soll’s Incense Category on our website. [Read more…]