Heart of Faerie Oracle

What if you had a magic doorway into the faerie realm?  Would you use it?  Would you dare?  The Heart of Faerie Oracle is a deck of sixty-eight images created by the world-renowned artist Brian Froud. But these are more than just images, as anyone aquainted with his work knows. Who could be more familiar with these images than his wife, Wendy Froud?  She wrote the book to go along with these images.

Heart of Faerie Oracle KitHeart of Faerie Oracle Kit

by Brian & Wendy Froud

“Brian paints the world of Faerie as it is. When we look at his paintings we see something that is a truth. When we look at his paintings, we see Faerie looking back at us, observing us. Thus the link between the worlds is established.” ~Wendy Froud

These cards give you sixty-eight entrances into Faerie. On some days they may be doorways, on other days they could be more like windows, and on some days you may look at the cards as more of a mirror to show us about an aspect of ourselves or our relationship to nature’s mysterious realm. Sometimes we may see things we are not comfortable with, because not all of Faerie is beautiful in the traditional sense, but it is always full of wisdom. Happy, sad, mysterious, desirable, solemn and even a little scary . . . all of these aspects and more are evoked in this oracle deck.

“Faeries have not changed, we have. They have stayed true, and we have betrayed them. We bury them under a heap of disbelief and ridicule, of sparkley tinsel, gaudy wings, and trite fairy tales. We satisfy ourselves with the surface of Faerie and do not bother to look into its heart.” ~Wendy Froud

For those of you familiar with the Faeries Oracle Deck by Brian Froud, you should know that this new deck is a whole new experience.  The big difference with the Heart of Faerie Oracle is the Journey cards.  There isn’t anything like them in the previous deck. These cards are active; they walk you along the Faerie path and help you to move away from the mundane and into the realm of possibilities.  In fact, the Journey cards can be read like a story, if you lay them out in order. But there are other categories as well. The cards are divided into seven groups, each representing a different aspect of Faerie:

The Faerie Queens (9)
The Queens’ Consorts (9)
The Archetypes (13)
Sprites (8)
The Ladies (6)
Tricksters (7)
The Journey (16)

“At the edge of our world, at the edge of the otherworld, the beautiful and mysterious faeries stand, watching and waiting to greet us, inviting us to journey with them as our guides while we walk the infinite paths of the Faerie.” ~Brian Froud

“To believe in faeries is to step into an enchanted space where the rational mind meets the irrational heart, and all things become possible.” ~Wendy Froud.

The Heart of Faerie Oracle is a wonderful deck for anyone who dares to step through the door and become a little wiser and a little more aware.

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