Full Moon in Virgo – Crow Moon Magic

Full Moon in Virgo – Crow Moon Magic

Full Crow Moon in Virgo

Full Crow Moon 14º 50’ Virgo

12:06 PM March 5, 2015

Also known as the worm moon, this is the transition between the seasons, as the frozen ground begins to thaw and the crows to caw. This full moon in Virgo takes us into deep self-examination, which is good because this is going to be an action packed spring, even as the emotional planets are coming together in Aries.

In our full moon video below, HPS Thraicie Hawkner talks about mirror magic work. Meet yourself eye-to-eye. Speak Truth with yourself. It is a perfect time for that kind of self-discovery work.

Astrologer Heather Roan Robbins details how Jupiter’s expansive nature, and the emotionally charged planets of Venus and Mars in Aries, really provide opportunity and a bit of testing.

Be careful not to make the Virgo mistake of only looking at the problem. Discover your strengths that you want to keep rather than just those things you want to cast off during spring cleaning, keeping all things in balance. Remember cleaning isn’t just getting rid of the dirt, it is also about polishing your most treasured possessions. So, when you look in the mirror to discover your true self, calling and attributes to work on, look for both the light and the dark.

Which Tarot card helps us explore and work with this energy? Check out the video to find out!

Don’t forget the Full Moon Oil

Full Moon Blessing and Conjure Oil

Handcrafted in Small Batches by Eye of Horus

Every full moon is all about manifestation, fulfillment and going deep into your intuition to find insight, wisdom and direction. Eye of Horus has created a deep blend of essential oils to invoke the Mysteries and to use as a blessing for power, protection, and luck. This vibrant and expansive oil can be use any time you need to bless a fulfillment or completion of any kind or for psychic work, but is especially useful in the three days around a full moon.

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Full Moon in Gemini – Dec 6 – Moon Magic Astrology

Full Moon in Gemini – Dec 6 – Moon Magic Astrology

Full Cold Moon – 14° 18′ Gemini

Full Moon Gemini Moon Magic

06:27 AM CST – December 6, 2014

The nights are becoming ever longer as the cold settles in with this Gemini Full Cold Moon this December. What to do? Well, with all the astrological influences cranking up the energy, it’s a unique time, and it is perfect for the holidays, because it’s time to party. Thraicie Hawkner and Heather Roan Robbins discuss this wild energy in the latest Moon Magic Video.

The December Full Moon is a Party Moon

It doesn’t hurt that it is right on the cusp of Friday and Saturday, and the full moon energy will carry well into Monday. But you can take party to mean more than one thing. (What did you expect from a Gemini?) The Sun is in Gemini, but the Moon is in Sagittarius so fitting everything into a bigger picture and more global view can be powerful. Take advantage of this time to party with a purpose. Connect, converse, laugh and be aware of how this is a year of change, both personal change and societal change. Get all the details in the latest moon magic video below.

Moon Magic: December 2014 Full Moon in Gemini

With all this energy in the air, your nervous system can get a little fried. Rather than just spark off in all directions, you might want to take time to ground and center your energy. Basically, connect with mama earth. Stones are perfect for this, and hematite, with all of its iron content, is the ultimate grounding stone. For a softer grounding energy, carry a jasper with you. Finally, if you tune into stones, as Thraicie said in the video, Aquamarine can help you shift your focus onto something with more meaning for you rather than just getting caught up in all the wild full moon energy all around.

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2014 Full Moon and Phases

2014 Full Moon and Phases

We’ve put together this 2014 moon phase reference because most of the charts out there offer some, but not all of this information around the phase of the moon, and they are usually not in Central Time, or aren’t adjusted for Daylight Savings. The moon names are those most commonly attributed, but different cultures do have different names. This is just a starting point to help you get attuned to the cycles of the moon and stars.

Central Time with Moon Astrology Sign

Moon Phase



Astrological Sign

New moon in Capricorn 01/01/14 05:14 AM 10° 57′ Capricorn
First quarter moon in Aries 01/07/14 09:39 PM 17° 46′ Aries
Full Wolf Moon in Cancer 01/15/14 10:52 PM 25° 58′ Cancer
Last quarter moon in Scorpio 01/23/14 08:19 PM 04° 08′ Scorpio
New moon in Aquarius 01/30/14 03:39 PM 10° 55′ Aquarius
First quarter moon in Taurus 02/06/14 01:22 PM 17° 56′ Taurus
Full Snow Moon in Leo
02/14/14 05:53 PM 26° 13′ Leo
Last quarter moon in Sagittarius 02/22/14 11:15 AM 03° 60′ Sagittarius
New moon in Pisces 03/01/14 02:00 AM 10° 39′ Pisces
First quarter moon in Gemini 03/08/14 07:27 AM 17° 54′ Gemini
Full Worm Moon in Virgo
03/16/14 12:08 PM 26° 02′ Virgo
Last quarter moon in Capricorn 03/23/14 08:46 PM 03° 21′ Capricorn
New moon in Aries 03/30/14 01:45 PM 09° 59′ Aries
First quarter moon in Cancer 04/07/14 03:31 AM 17° 27′ Cancer
Full Pink Moon in Libra
04/15/14 02:42 AM 25° 16′ Libra
Last quarter moon in Aquarius 04/22/14 02:52 AM 02° 07′ Aquarius
New moon in Taurus 04/29/14 01:14 AM 08° 51′ Taurus
First quarter moon in Leo 05/06/14 10:15 PM 16° 30′ Leo
Full Flower Moon in Scorpio
05/14/14 02:16 PM 23° 55′ Scorpio
Last quarter moon in Pisces 05/21/14 07:59 AM 0° 24′ Pisces
New moon in Gemini 05/28/14 01:40 PM 07° 21′ Gemini
First quarter moon in Virgo 06/05/14 03:39 PM 15° 06′ Virgo
Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius
06/12/14 08:11 PM 22° 06′ Sagittarius
Last quarter moon in Pisces 06/16/14 01:39 PM 28° 24′ Pisces
New moon in Cancer 06/27/14 03:08 AM 05° 37′ Cancer
First quarter moon in Libra 07/05/14 06:59 AM 13° 24′ Libra
Full Buck Moon in Capricorn
07/12/14 06:25 AM 20° 03′ Capricorn
Last quarter moon in Aries 07/18/14 09:08 PM 26° 21′ Aries
New moon in Leo 07/26/14 05:42 PM 03° 52′ Leo
First quarter moon in Scorpio 08/03/14 07:50 PM 11° 36′ Scorpio
Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius
08/10/14 01:09 PM 18° 02′ Aquarius
Last quarter moon in Taurus 08/17/14 07:26 AM 24° 32′ Taurus
New moon in Virgo 08/25/14 09:13 AM 02° 19′ Virgo
First quarter moon in Sagittarius 09/02/14 06:11 AM 09° 55′ Sagittarius
Full Harvest Moon in Pisces
09/08/14 08:38 PM 16° 19′ Pisces
Last quarter moon in Gemini 09/15/14 09:05 PM 23° 09′ Gemini
New moon in Libra 09/24/14 01:14 PM 01° 08′ Libra
First quarter moon in Capricorn 10/01/14 02:33 PM 08° 33′ Capricorn
Full Hunter’s Moon in Aries
10/08/14 05:51 AM 15° 07′ Aries
Last quarter moon in Cancer 10/15/14 02:12 PM 22° 21′ Cancer
New moon in Scorpio 10/23/14 04:57 PM 0° 15′ Scorpio
First quarter moon in Aquarius 10/30/14 09:48 PM 07° 36′ Aquarius
Full Beaver Moon in Taurus
11/06/14 04:23 PM 14° 26′ Taurus
Last quarter moon in Leo 11/14/14 09:16 AM 22° 10′ Leo
New moon in Sagittarius 11/22/14 06:23 AM 0° 07′ Sagittarius
First quarter moon in Pisces 11/29/14 04:06 AM 07° 06′ Pisces
Full Cold Moon in Gemini
12/06/14 06:27 AM 14° 18′ Gemini
Last quarter moon in Virgo 12/14/14 06:51 AM 22° 26′ Virgo
New Moon in Capricorn 12/21/14 07:36 PM 0° 06′ Capricorn
First quarter moon in Aries 12/28/14 12:31 PM 06° 56′ Aries
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