March 2008 – Through the Mind of Onayemi


Celebrating the Orishas through art.

Join us for the Artist Reception and African Drumming Performance ReScheduled for Saturday March 8th 7-9 p.m. Refreshments will be served. Call the store at 612-872-1292 for information/directions.

Onayemi Ogunkoye will be our featured artist through the end of April, 2008. His art focuses on the Orishas, the attributes of the Source of All Things as personified as sentient beings in the Ifa Tradition of Yorubaland, West Africa, and the New World traditions of Santeria and Haitian Vodou and other decended branches of the African Tradition.

The title of the show reflects the way in which these pieces of art came to be . . . Onayemi feels these images are a reflection of an inner listening rather than a contrivance.

Boldly colored and symbolic, these multi-media paintings [Read more…]