Giant Crocus Blooming

Slowly, but surely, the brown is turning up splashes of color in our labyrinth garden. We have plenty more of the tiny crocus blooming back between the labyrinth and goddess garden. But the real flash is in the upper garden, tucked in next to the Holly Bush. These are the lovely purple Giant Crocus with their bright saffron stamens. Simply stunning. I’ve also included a shot of our little Buddha, as well as the Goddess herself, adorned with flower buds in celebration of the spring equinox.

A Break in the Rain

I love the rain, for some reason, it has become my favorite time to walk the labyrinth. I just gear up in my raincoat and head on out there. Maybe it’s the sound of the rain falling. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s no one else out there when it rains and I’m just such a loaner. In any case, once the rain let up, I took the opportunity to capture some pictures of ‘my kids’ while they were busy drinking. As always, click on the thumbnail to get a bigger picture and more description.