Minneapolis May Day Celebration

May Day 2008Are you going to the May Day Festival? Maybe you’re new to the area, or maybe you’re not from around here. Well, if you haven’t heard about our May Day celebrations, now is your time to learn all about it.

Once a year, when the tulips start blooming, one diverse neighborhood in South Minneapolis puts on a little show. Not just any show, mind you, it’s a celebration of the coming of spring and the return of the season of warmth. It’s a little show that some 50,000 folks break out of hibernation for. It’s truly magical!

Now, we’re not telling you not to come to the store this Sunday, we’re just saying, that if you’re in town for the May Day parade, or the festival, or the ceremony out at powderhorn park, then we hope to see you here, as well, to walk the labyrinth and check out the tulips. Heck, we’re only 2 1/2 miles away. Mapquest says so.

See you Sunday!