Full Moon in Virgo:  Intricately Woven Dreams

Full Moon in Virgo: Intricately Woven Dreams

Sun joins watery Neptune in Pisces as the moon reaches fullness in Virgo on March 9 (12:48 pm, CT). Pictures and images of reality intertwined with fantasy come to fruition. Surrealness bends the lines of what is possible and makes it seem that dreams are reachable. Discoveries demystify situations that don’t align with truth.

The day after, Mercury ends its retrograde on March 10, rubbing the sleep out of our eyes upon waking from slumber. Insights and epiphanies come to light, making sense of what the subconscious resurfaced over the last three weeks. Seven planets are in the element of earth this full moon. Abundant earth asks for the physical and tangible to be paid attention to. Is the soul music of internal life matching the external world? Discordant notes show up for re-tuning. How can the “real” world better match visions of imagination?

Saturn moves from Capricorn to Aquarius on March 21. Before it changes signs, Saturn sits in the late degrees of Capricorn, heavily emphasizing those traits. Capricorn is practical, ambitious and rule-bound. These traits can be useful but also function on over-drive during the culmination phase of Saturn’s time in Capricorn that began in late 2017. Though Saturn ingresses into Aquarius in March, it later retrogrades back into Capricorn July 2020 to December 2020. More on that later . . .

Mercury retrograde rewinds and replays past situations and in the sign of Pisces could facilitate reconnection to heal the past. That said, five planets are in Capricorn: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Saturn in Capricorn shows what separates people from each other, with the effect of re-inventing healthy boundaries but also building up overly protective and confining walls that block connection. A dichotomy exists in the urge to merge with others and the trend of separation from those deemed “other” or “unsafe”.

To keep your vision clear and your focus sharp, try lighting one of Coventry Creations’ Truth and Justice candles. This candle is designed to help you replace chaos with harmony and to see through illusions and falsehoods. To help secure, set, and define your emotional boundaries, carry a piece of prehnite with you. This pale green stone is not only a great stone for heart chakra work, it’s especially good at getting those emotional shields up when you need it. To help keep your energies stable and balanced, try adding some of the Eye of Horus’ Protection Oil to your daily regime. This essential oil blend is great for keeping your energetic defenses up and keeping you ready for what life throws at you.

If you’d like to see how this full moon and Mercury retrograde might affect you or if want to explore these topics more, come in for a reading with Madeline Youngstrom.

Organic Van Van Oil

Organic Van Van Oil

The New Orleans All-Purpose Conjure Oil

Organic Van Van

Organic Van Van Oil by Eye of Horus

Van Van oil is one of the classic purpose-blended oils alternately known as Hoodoo, Conjure, Mojo, Dressing, Anointing, Conditioning or Magical oils. These oils have purported properties to bless your intention, most of them are extremely specific, such as Court Case Oil, But Van Van is different. It’s the multi-tool of oils, good for a variety of uses. Even the name of Van Van has a unique history, and no, there is neither Vanilla nor Chevy in Van Van…

Van Van – a Multi-purpose Oil

If you want a main go-to oil, if you want an oil which is flexible enough to combine with other, more purposed ingredients, or if you are just frugal and want a single oil to use to dress your candles, mojo bags, spellings, then Van Van is a classic choice for an all purpose hoodoo or conjure oil. But you want to make sure you get a good quality oil if it’s going to be your primary energetic partner, and when you use it, you really need to have a strong focus to guide all that energy.

If you are shopping for Van Van, remember that any good traditional hoodoo dressing oil will contain real herbs and curios, such as our Organic Van Van oil which contains the Organic Lemongrass plus prosperity-drawing pyrite chunks. Of course, you could make your own (more on that further on). What is Van Van good for? [Read more…]

New Moon in Cancer July 8th

New Moon in Cancer July 8th

New moon July 8th, 02:16:06 AM (CDT) is 16° 18′ Cancer

This is a time when we are more inclined toward intimate conversations, rather than superficial topics.  Cancer is concerned with home, family and security. It is the nesting sign. Mercury is retrograde in the Water sign of Cancer, and conjunct both Sun and Moon (aka NewMoon). What does this mean?

New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer

This New Moon Comes with a Warning

Unfortunately, the retrograde energy may lead to misunderstandings, especially concerning our emotions and sense of security.  Do what you can to be aware of crossed communication-wires, as they are happening.  If you can identify the situation, and step back from it, you may be able to avoid hurt feelings on both sides.  If you can identify a conversation that went awry, in retrospect, do what you can to revisit the topic and sooth any jangled nerves.

Be careful not to replay old scripts and hurts, projecting the past onto the present. Things you thought you let go of may revisit, especially in home and family matters. Just wait it out, and remember to keep the past in the past.

Keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde for everyone (not just you) and be as gentle with each other as possible.

Accentuate the Positive

With a retrograde Mercury occupying the same space as our New Moon, this is a fantastic time for brain-storming.  Think outside the box.  Don’t judge any of the ideas that are coming through, just allow them to flow.  Especially any ideas around home/family/security/nurturing topics.

This is a great time to re-examine a situation or project, and a great time to re-evaluate goals.  It’s also an auspicious time to switch things up… maybe move the furniture around & revamp the Feng Shui of your space.

At Eye of Horus, we always do a big physical and energy clearing during mercury retrograde. We also try to take a fresh look around and see if we need to switch our focus.

We are just in a terrific time for experimentation.  Play with it!

But don’t commit to anything… Avoid signing any contracts, or making promises, until Mercury stations direct on July 20th.  But please do take this time to experiment with changes and new ideas.  Just remember that none of these new ideas are in stone.  They are likely to be tweaked or changed again, but don’t take this personally.

The Lucky 18%

Another interesting note is that approx 18% of our population was born under Mercury retrograde.  Such people naturally live with awkward communications & mis-fired plans, and tend to be a bit more nimble on their toes because of it.  If your natal Mercury is retrograde, these phases might not hit you as hard other people.  You can grin and say “welcome to my world”!  This is a good time for Mercury-retrograde natives to stand as role models for the rest of the us.  Rolling with the unpredictable changes is the best option, right now.  Don’t get bound up in frustrations.

Organic Van Van Oil

Organic Van Van Oil

Breath and Release

Remember the Mercury Retrograde Presecription: Re-evaluate, Re-vise, Re-boot and Re-member it’s all part of the cycle.  Also, a little Van Van Oil used to anoint a candle, your desk, or any space, can smooth things out, as well. Our Organic Van Van oil is made up of blend of asian grasses, with the main ingredient being Lemongrass, a very mercury-friendly essential oil. A good all purpose oil at any time, during Mercury retrograde, Van Van Essential Oil Blend is our favorite energy fix to get you through.

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