2014 Full Moon and Phases

2014 Full Moon and Phases

We’ve put together this 2014 moon phase reference because most of the charts out there offer some, but not all of this information around the phase of the moon, and they are usually not in Central Time, or aren’t adjusted for Daylight Savings. The moon names are those most commonly attributed, but different cultures do have different names. This is just a starting point to help you get attuned to the cycles of the moon and stars.

Central Time with Moon Astrology Sign

Moon Phase



Astrological Sign

New moon in Capricorn 01/01/14 05:14 AM 10° 57′ Capricorn
First quarter moon in Aries 01/07/14 09:39 PM 17° 46′ Aries
Full Wolf Moon in Cancer 01/15/14 10:52 PM 25° 58′ Cancer
Last quarter moon in Scorpio 01/23/14 08:19 PM 04° 08′ Scorpio
New moon in Aquarius 01/30/14 03:39 PM 10° 55′ Aquarius
First quarter moon in Taurus 02/06/14 01:22 PM 17° 56′ Taurus
Full Snow Moon in Leo
02/14/14 05:53 PM 26° 13′ Leo
Last quarter moon in Sagittarius 02/22/14 11:15 AM 03° 60′ Sagittarius
New moon in Pisces 03/01/14 02:00 AM 10° 39′ Pisces
First quarter moon in Gemini 03/08/14 07:27 AM 17° 54′ Gemini
Full Worm Moon in Virgo
03/16/14 12:08 PM 26° 02′ Virgo
Last quarter moon in Capricorn 03/23/14 08:46 PM 03° 21′ Capricorn
New moon in Aries 03/30/14 01:45 PM 09° 59′ Aries
First quarter moon in Cancer 04/07/14 03:31 AM 17° 27′ Cancer
Full Pink Moon in Libra
04/15/14 02:42 AM 25° 16′ Libra
Last quarter moon in Aquarius 04/22/14 02:52 AM 02° 07′ Aquarius
New moon in Taurus 04/29/14 01:14 AM 08° 51′ Taurus
First quarter moon in Leo 05/06/14 10:15 PM 16° 30′ Leo
Full Flower Moon in Scorpio
05/14/14 02:16 PM 23° 55′ Scorpio
Last quarter moon in Pisces 05/21/14 07:59 AM 0° 24′ Pisces
New moon in Gemini 05/28/14 01:40 PM 07° 21′ Gemini
First quarter moon in Virgo 06/05/14 03:39 PM 15° 06′ Virgo
Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius
06/12/14 08:11 PM 22° 06′ Sagittarius
Last quarter moon in Pisces 06/16/14 01:39 PM 28° 24′ Pisces
New moon in Cancer 06/27/14 03:08 AM 05° 37′ Cancer
First quarter moon in Libra 07/05/14 06:59 AM 13° 24′ Libra
Full Buck Moon in Capricorn
07/12/14 06:25 AM 20° 03′ Capricorn
Last quarter moon in Aries 07/18/14 09:08 PM 26° 21′ Aries
New moon in Leo 07/26/14 05:42 PM 03° 52′ Leo
First quarter moon in Scorpio 08/03/14 07:50 PM 11° 36′ Scorpio
Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius
08/10/14 01:09 PM 18° 02′ Aquarius
Last quarter moon in Taurus 08/17/14 07:26 AM 24° 32′ Taurus
New moon in Virgo 08/25/14 09:13 AM 02° 19′ Virgo
First quarter moon in Sagittarius 09/02/14 06:11 AM 09° 55′ Sagittarius
Full Harvest Moon in Pisces
09/08/14 08:38 PM 16° 19′ Pisces
Last quarter moon in Gemini 09/15/14 09:05 PM 23° 09′ Gemini
New moon in Libra 09/24/14 01:14 PM 01° 08′ Libra
First quarter moon in Capricorn 10/01/14 02:33 PM 08° 33′ Capricorn
Full Hunter’s Moon in Aries
10/08/14 05:51 AM 15° 07′ Aries
Last quarter moon in Cancer 10/15/14 02:12 PM 22° 21′ Cancer
New moon in Scorpio 10/23/14 04:57 PM 0° 15′ Scorpio
First quarter moon in Aquarius 10/30/14 09:48 PM 07° 36′ Aquarius
Full Beaver Moon in Taurus
11/06/14 04:23 PM 14° 26′ Taurus
Last quarter moon in Leo 11/14/14 09:16 AM 22° 10′ Leo
New moon in Sagittarius 11/22/14 06:23 AM 0° 07′ Sagittarius
First quarter moon in Pisces 11/29/14 04:06 AM 07° 06′ Pisces
Full Cold Moon in Gemini
12/06/14 06:27 AM 14° 18′ Gemini
Last quarter moon in Virgo 12/14/14 06:51 AM 22° 26′ Virgo
New Moon in Capricorn 12/21/14 07:36 PM 0° 06′ Capricorn
First quarter moon in Aries 12/28/14 12:31 PM 06° 56′ Aries
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June Full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn

June Full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn

Look, up in the sky, it’s Supermoon!

Capricorn Full MoonJune 23rd, 2013 6:33:38 AM 02° 10′ Capricorn

Mead Moon, Rose Moon, Flower Moon, Strawberry Moon, also as the first full moon after the summer solstice it is known as the Thunder Moon or Hay Moon.
For the Chinese, it is the Lotus Moon. The Celts called it the Moon of Horses, Pagans call it the Planting Moon.

What’s all this about a Super Moon?

The crest of the moon’s full phase in June 2013, and perigee (which is the moon’s closest point to the earth), fall within an hour of each other. The moon will be full only 20 minutes after it reaches perigee, or its closest point to Earth in its orbit. This full moon is not only the closest and largest full moon of the year. It also presents the moon’s closest encounter with Earth for all of 2013. It will be 356,991 kilometers from Earth, within 600 kilometers of its closest possible approach. The moon will not be so close again until August, 2014.

You might also want to check out our: 2013 Moon Phase Calendar for a list of all the upcoming moon phases for 2013.

Capricorn Full Moon Opposite Cancerian Sun

The Full Moon in Capricorn makes us so eager to prove ourselves, that we may misinterpret the expectations and reactions of others.  We are all a bit more goal-oriented than usual, but should take time to communicate objectively.  Make sure that the goals you’re striving to achieve are the same ones everyone else is envisioning.  We may find ourselves trying too hard, or working at crossed-purposes.  The stress of economic insecurity can make you physically ill, at this point.  This is because you are feeling more attached to home and family right now, and perceived threat to that security hits a little harder than usual..  Be gentle on yourself for a few days.  Don’t push yourself, or stress yourself to the point of detriment.  Use the nurturing energy of [Read more…]

May Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius

May Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius

We welcome the flowers and the Moon this May.  The Moon will be Full on Friday, May 24th at 11:26 PM Central at  04° 08′ Sagittarius

Full Flower MoonThe May moon is usually known as the Flower Moon, but it is also called the Milk Moon, in China it is the Dragon Moon, in Medieval England it was the Hare Moon, and some pagans call it the Grass Moon.  Many other tribes and places had many other names, but the current most common reference in America is the Full Flower Moon.

Our ideals and concerns will be blooming this Full Flower Moon

The Sun in Gemini heightens our ability to communicate with others, but the Moon, opposite in Sagittarius, heightens our ability to distort their reactions.  The sun and moon are each square neptune right now, as well. The Square is a 45° angle, which creates some difficulty.

Since Neptune is in Pisces (the Great Counsellor), we get a wealth of water which is tough to grab hold of or pin down, and results in a wishy washy soup of best intentions. Expect to experience a vague sense of concern toward unrealistic and/or unattainable ideals. This dynamic trio of Neptune square the Sun and Moon will [Read more…]