Full Moon in Gemini – Dec 6 – Moon Magic Astrology

Full Moon in Gemini – Dec 6 – Moon Magic Astrology

Full Cold Moon – 14° 18′ Gemini

Full Moon Gemini Moon Magic

06:27 AM CST – December 6, 2014

The nights are becoming ever longer as the cold settles in with this Gemini Full Cold Moon this December. What to do? Well, with all the astrological influences cranking up the energy, it’s a unique time, and it is perfect for the holidays, because it’s time to party. Thraicie Hawkner and Heather Roan Robbins discuss this wild energy in the latest Moon Magic Video.

The December Full Moon is a Party Moon

It doesn’t hurt that it is right on the cusp of Friday and Saturday, and the full moon energy will carry well into Monday. But you can take party to mean more than one thing. (What did you expect from a Gemini?) The Sun is in Gemini, but the Moon is in Sagittarius so fitting everything into a bigger picture and more global view can be powerful. Take advantage of this time to party with a purpose. Connect, converse, laugh and be aware of how this is a year of change, both personal change and societal change. Get all the details in the latest moon magic video below.

Moon Magic: December 2014 Full Moon in Gemini

With all this energy in the air, your nervous system can get a little fried. Rather than just spark off in all directions, you might want to take time to ground and center your energy. Basically, connect with mama earth. Stones are perfect for this, and hematite, with all of its iron content, is the ultimate grounding stone. For a softer grounding energy, carry a jasper with you. Finally, if you tune into stones, as Thraicie said in the video, Aquamarine can help you shift your focus onto something with more meaning for you rather than just getting caught up in all the wild full moon energy all around.

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Faceted Crystal for Feng Shui

Eye of Horus works directly with the leading importer of leaded crystals from Austria and Egypt. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes in our Minneapolis Store, all with over 30% lead content. Online, we chose to initially focus on the most popular shape, the faceted crystal ball.

If you don’t see what you are looking for online, give us a call. We may already have what you are looking for on-hand. Click here for online crystal selection.

Egyptian Faceted Crystal Ball

Egyptian Faceted Crystal Ball

If not, it only takes a few days to get in a variety of shapes and colors of hanging crystals to use as sun-catchers, pendulums, or, of course for Feng Shui Cures to enhance your environment as described in this article.

We can also offer bulk pricing for Feng Shui practitioners, designers and others who need them by the dozen.

There are other online shops which carry leaded glass crystal, but few will specifically say where their crystals are sourced.  At Eye of Horus, we primarily carry Swarovski because the quality is without question. Of course, since the Eye of Horus logo and much of what we carry is Egyptian, we do carry Egyptian Crystals, as well.  Although the shapes and tone are slightly different, they have their own unique warm fire, and are very economical, as well.

Swarovski Faceted Crystal Ball

Swarovski Faceted Crystal Ball

About Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski (Austrian) Leaded Glass Crystals are famous worldwide for their precision cuts, clarity, and sparkle. The characteristics of Swarovski crystals are unparalleled in both style and substance. Not only are their cuts distinct, but the assorted colors and shapes cover a broad spectrum. The brilliant sparkle of each crystal is actually resulted from a glass composition containing 32 percent lead. Besides this refraction maximizing strategy, special metallic coatings are used on some of the crystals to ensure that light refracts from the surface in a rainbow spectrum, such as the Aurora Borealis coating. The crystal balls shown here are clear crystal without any enhancement. Their brilliance is strictly a result of light and the quality and cut of the crystal.

Crystal Composition and Energetic Use

Faceted leaded glass crystals contain glass and lead, but may also include carbon, boron and germanium. The exact composition can change the color of the crystal. The immediate, striking aspect of the crystals is their prismatic effect.  They break light up into the colors of the rainbow, or prisms, which they cast upon the walls, floors and ceiling of a room. These crystals literally combine the elements of Earth and Fire (or Light) to unite heaven and earth.

In Feng Shui this prismatic effect created by light passing through faceted crystal is considered to be not only auspicious, but to actually change the energy or vibration of surrounding space. By directing this new, heavenly energy in spaces which have slow, abrasive, or bad energy (known as shar chi), the rainbows filter out all the bad energy and smooth chaotic flows of too much energy.

Simply put, faceted crystal balls can be used as a Feng Shui Cure for negative energies to slow down rushing chi or diffuse shar chi. They can also be used as an amplifier for good energy, to boost the effect of a bagua mirror, or paired with plants to really bring forth good chi in the environment. So, at the most basic, they are good luck charms. Click to view selection

Hanging Crystals for Feng Shui:

  1. Hang a crystal at chi (energy) entry points where you sense “poison arrows” from sharp edges directed at you from corners of buildings, polls, lamp-posts or signs which are cut through your view from a window, door, or even room to room.
  2. Use as a remedy if you live near a busy street, highway, railway track or looming structures
  3. Hang a Crystal  between doors which face one another in a straight line to slow and diffuse the flow of energy, allowing the chi of each room to be harmonious and not take over another.
  4. Hang your Faceted  Crystal Ball between your main door and drains or toilets to prevent wealth and good fortune from running down the drain.
  5. Use anywhere to clear your space and invite good luck.
  6. Hang a faceted crystal anywhere you want to encourage clear thought and aid visualization.

Feng Shui Tips for Hanging Faceted Crystal Balls:

  1. Hanging the crystal from a red cord helps activate the Feng Shui Cure. Red is the color for attraction, warmth and strength. Although too much red can make tempers flare, a touch of it will set energies in motion. (Our Swarovski Crystal Balls come pre-strung on red cord).
  2. Clear up any clutter before hanging the crystal.  Clutter has the opposite effect on the energy of the room, and having two energy sources battling constantly is counterproductive.
  3. Hang odd numbers (yang) rather than even numbers (yin) of faceted crystal balls.

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