New Moon in Gemini: Chasing Chickens

New Moon in Gemini: Chasing Chickens

This new moon in Gemini, a chick hatches out of its shell and starts to peep (June 3, 5:01 am CDT)! Gemini, a sign that embodies duality, tends toward multiplicity. One chick hatches and soon follows another and another. Before too long, a brood of chicks is running around. The chasing of chickens begins! Fun and exhilarating at first, chickens run in opposite directions all over the place as it becomes trickier to keep track of them all!

A craving for variety inspires dabbling in multiple pursuits at once. Opportunities make themselves known as spring inches closer to summer, some take root while others blow away like dandelion fluff in the breeze. Nets are cast wide this month, catching social butterflies to begin mingling. The gift of gab and gossip are enhanced. Trickery and evasiveness may cloud circumstances.

Gemini is known for cleverness and communication. While connecting with others and sharing ideas, inspiration may be found in the world of the arts. A work-worshipping paradigm begs for balance as the new moon suggests finding wealth in songs, books, music, poetry, theatre — any form of creative expression.

Mars joins north node in Cancer June 12, defending the oppressed and fighting against the backsliding our country has witnessed. A stop-go dynamic faces off with old structures collapsing as rebuilding takes place. More to come on this later, as we prepare for eclipse season this July.

To help juggle multiple projects, try some of the Eye of Horus’ Fatigue Remedy aromatherapy oil. This essential oil blend is designed to help bring a lightness to your day and increase your energy to get things done. To work your social butterfly mojo, consider carrying with you a lapis gemstone. This noble stone helps project your desires and enhances communication with others by helping project your best self. To retain balance with a stop-go dynamic, light one of Coventry Creations’ Inner Balance candles. This candle helps you keep in the center of opposite dynamics and maintain a sense of purpose and stability.

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New Moon in April:  Leaping Over Hurdles

New Moon in April: Leaping Over Hurdles

The new moon springs into Aries on April 5 (3:50 am, CDT)! Hot motivation fires up engines and red lights turn green. Yet the hangover from the inconspicuously changeable Mercury retrograde fades slowly. Gradually awakening into spring, discoveries from March 5 to March 28 remain in the processing stage until mid-April. The desire to make a new beginning includes more forethought than usual.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn edge closer and closer together. The gap tightens between cultural collapse and re-building an improved society. The push-pull tension of necessary decay fecundates underground before the new seeds start to grow.

Jupiter in Sagittarius retrogrades April 10. What retrospective meanings do we give recent good fortune? Have we over-extended ourselves and might it be wise to scale back? How may we internalize knowledge learned through recent growth? What adventures, expansions, and explorations may we reflect upon since November when Jupiter entered Sagittarius?

Grand visions are in the works! A maturation process leads the way toward reaching full potential and attaining the most vibrant pinnacle of success. Obstacles encountered and contending with power struggles dynamically motivate. The finish line is in view, foresight and strategy help in leaping over hurdles to reach it!

To leap over hurdles you may encounter, try lighting one of Coventry Creations’ Confidence candles from their Chakra Magic line. Tied to the 3rd or solar plexus chakra, it is designed to inspire energy, achievement, and self-empowerment. To quell impatience, use a bit of Eye of Horus’ Peace Blessing aromatherapy oil. The essential oil blend is designed to help calm the mind and ease the spirit. To move past obstacles, sweeten your atmosphere with Shoyeido’s Ruby incense blend. This blend of cinnamon, sandalwood, and spice is meant to evoke the heroic qualities and confidence associated with the ruby stone.

New Moon in Aquarius:  Uncorking the Bottle

New Moon in Aquarius: Uncorking the Bottle

Aquarius New Moon Image

The new moon is in Aquarius on February 4 (2:03pm CDT). Aquarius, an air sign, lifts up and detaches from the weightiness in the planetary placements. Pioneering toward uncharted terrain and raising the middle finger to oppressive systems is motivating. Original ideas come into consciousness on how to fix problems, personal or societal. Connect and share ideas with like-minded friends! The new terrain is rich in seeding philosophies that embody the humanistic perspective that sees beyond just muscle and bone.

The pressure of making the grade, making the cut, and getting it right can serve the purpose of productivity. Yet a boundary-setting, wall-building philosophy can function on over-drive and smother the natural creativity it’s meant to enhance. The urge to impatiently charge ahead on a quest is strong, but be aware of encountering obstacles that trigger irritability. This frustration does not completely block progress per se, but pushes toward it.

An effervescent rebelliousness breaks loose of its constraints. The instinct to put the pedal to the metal and drive is hot behind the wheel, yet the gears are still in park. What bottle needs to be uncorked, shaken loose, or shaken free? A wild and unbridled force bursts forth from its cages. There’s a feeling of being so close to freedom that you can taste it…

To cool down anger and exercise patience, try some of Eye of Horus’ Meditation aromatherapy oil. It’s designed to help bring a calm, contemplative atmosphere. To help connect with friends and like-minded groups, try energizing yourself with Coventry Creations’ Happiness candle. It’s bright, cheery scent helps encourage a sunny outlook and optimism. To blow off steam in healthy ways, consider carrying a piece of tourmalinated quartz. It’s an excellent aid for transmuting the negative to the positive.