Völva Staving Workshops

Volva WorkshopThe Völva are women described throughout the Sagas and Eddas performing shamanic oracular work, blessings, and other ritual tasks. They are described as carrying a staff or Stav, which is the tool Kari Tauring uses in this open series of workshops. The Stav is traditionally used in herding, martial arts, and for rhythm. Stav (literally means ‘knowledge of the rune staves’) is used in Völva seidr work, the Norse Shamanic Women’s tradition.

One Saturday each month (usually the 1st–see the store calendar), Kari leads a two hour workshop to explore the history of the Völva and the uses of the Stav. We recommend you bring a staff and another stick or wand. Class size is limited to 5, so please register in advance the secure your spot. Register online or call the store at 612-872-1292.

More about the Sessions

Sessions include stretching our bodies and body mechanics, creating rhythms, warming up our voices for chants and songs, discussing the history and uses of the tool as per the topic of the month. The group will use rhythm, chant and other [Read more…]