Anxiety Relief Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend

Anxiety Relief Essential Oil BlendLet go of anxious thoughts and release stressful feelings with aromatherapy.
Anxiety Relief is a synergistic blend of: Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender, Mandarin, Patchouli and Majoram essential oils.

Our aromatherapy synergy blends are carefully selected for therapeutic value and aroma from artisan distillers throughout the world who dedicate their skills to making the finest oil of each variety. These are 100% essential oil blends. Before putting on skin you should dilute with a carrier oil and do a skin test.

Anxiety Relief Synergy Blend is distributed exclusively by Eye of Horus Metaphysical.

Organic Van Van Spiritual Oil

Organic Van Van Spiritual Oil

All of the ingredients  for Organic Van Van Oil are in and we are formulating our first batch of Eye of Horus Spiritual Oils. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our fundraising campaign so far!  The Organic Van Van is the only Spiritual Oil we will be able to release before the end of the fundraising campaign ends June 22nd. This is one of the more complex oils, since not only oils are going into the bottle, but like any good HooDoo Oil formulation, there are actual Botanicals and energetic items in each bottle. Our Organic Van Van oil contains the Organic Lemongrass plus prosperity-drawing pyrite chunks.

Organic Van Van Ingredients

Organic Van Van Ingredients

Organic Van Van OilA lot goes into each oil, as you can see from the picture of the Van Van Ingredients. We do need your help to be able to stock up on the ingredients to create additional oils. Please click here now to learn more about our Spiritual Oils.

Van Van Oil Launch Event – Sat., June 8th

The Organic Van Van Oil will debut on Saturday June 8th, to coincide with the New Moon, which will be 10:59:01 AM, 18° 01′ Gemini.  So stop by the Eye to check it out, any time after 11am on Saturday – we’ll have demonstrations throughout the day for ways you can use Van Van!  We’ll have more information about the New Moon and our Launch Event later this week.

Why Organic Van Van Oil?

The organic essential oils in our Organic Van Van Formula each focus on those energetic nudges and adjustments we all need. [Read more…]

Spiritual Oils will include Marriage Equality Oils

Spiritual Oils will include Marriage Equality Oils

Eye of Horus is thrilled to announce that it will add three Marriage Blessing oils to the new line of Spiritual Oils if our Indiegogo campaign gets funded.

Love is the Law

Love is the Law in Minnesota

Love is the Law, Love under Will, is a phrase known by many in the magickal community. Love is the Law was also a song by The Suburbs which became an anthem for people fighting for marriage equality. Now Love really is the law in Minnesota. Love knows no gender. For millenia, Native populations have recognized same sex couples as part of their culture, and refer to some people as Two-Spirits. They were often the healers, ceremonial leaders and shamans, and their unique identity was regarded as a gift. They were even believed to be especially lucky in love among the Lakota, Mohave, Crow Cheyenne and others.

So, as part of our new line of Spiritual Oils that we’re launching, we are blending three marriage blessing oils, specifically formulated for different genders (or different gender identities). This specificity of intent, the unique energies between people, and the need to honor relationship in ritual is one of the big reasons we are creating this unique line of oils.

Click here to go view the campaign home page, or visit

We specifically plan to have these oils ready by August 1st, the first day same-sex couples can legally marry in Minnesota. Please note that we are not just jumping on a band-wagon, but we are following the synchronicity in spirit of this momentous time. Our Indiegogo launch was on May 9th, specifically timed for the new moon. What we didn’t, and couldn’t know ahead of time, was on that same day, the Minnesota House passed the bill for marriage equality.  Our attention was divided between our fundraising campaign and the drama at the capital because Eye of Horus owners Thraicie and Jane had a very personal stake in the outcome.

They were handfasted in June of 2005, and plan on making it legal August 1st. They will be using the marriage blessing oil as part of their ceremony, and feel blessed to be able to offer such a product to other couples, as well. But we need people to contribute to the campaign so we can afford to create these and other spiritual oils.

Indiegogo pledges start at $10. You can pre-order oil sets via the Indiegogo Eye of Horus page. In addition to the Marriage blessing oils, Eye of Horus is planning Lunar blends, and Zodiac Oils. There are a number of other oils on our wish list, and supporters will vote on what oils they want for their starter sets. Or if you don’t need oils, discount coupons, gift certificates and other options are available.

Together, we can make a difference. Please click here to see what it’s all about, and share!