Sorgitzak II: Dancing the Blood Release Party

Sorgitzak II: Dancing the Blood Release Party

Come to the Eye on Saturday, April 20th from 7-9pm to celebrate the release of the second Sorgitzak Book.

Sorgitzak II - Dancing the Blood

Sorgitzak II – Dancing the Blood

Meet the author, Veronica Cummer as she unveils her latest work, Sorgitzak II: Dancing the Blood, the new book which explores the mysterious world of the Old Forest and awaken the divine power sleeping within the Witchblood. Containing knowledge gleaned from the Gods of the Sorgitzak, a long forgotten Witch Tradition, this book takes you on an exploration of the web of the Sabbats, possession and prophecy, men’s and women’s mysteries, sacred language, familiar spirits and the Fey, and how to work with Elemental forces both within and without.

Eye of Horus invites you to come and get in the groove with music, refreshments, great conversations, and of course pick up a copy of this new book.

Like the Old Ones, Witches today are called to forge connections between the land, the Gods, the ancestors, and the community. The Old Forest is the enchanted wilds of our dreams and of our beginnings, holding the secrets we need to renew the flame within. Using these rituals and meditations, we can discover what has been lost or hidden, the better to build a foundation for a future as bright and shining as the stars on Earth.

Through Dancing the Blood we can join with our kindred, journeying beyond the Veil to the beautiful and dread realm of Faery. There, we act to create patterns of prosperity, dynamic balance, and necessary change, reclaiming our rightful place as Priests and Priestesses of Fate.