Psychic Sunday Dec 11th – Holiday Edition

Psychic Sunday Dec 11th – Holiday Edition

Bring a friend along to Eye of Horus (910 W Lake St, Mpls 55408) and get a reading or two or shop for your own deck or divination tool, because we are having a Psychic Sunday Holiday Sale. For Readings, you have five readers to choose from. Mini-readings are $2 per minute and booked every 15 minutes, with a 10 minute minimum and a 15 minute maximum so you have time to try different reader styles. Book two or more readings in advance and save $5.

Psychic Sunday Sale – Decks, accessories and more!

Plus our entire stock of Psychic/Divination tools will be on sale for one day only! That’s right all decks, runes, and pendulums will be 13% off on December 11th. Tarot Bags and Tarot cloths are also included with this sale. [Read more…]

Episode #1 – Runes and Raidho

Digging Nordic Roots PodcastKari Tauring—performer, teacher, and author of Runes a Human Journey—is a Volva (Staff Carrier).  She and Jane Hansen of discuss the taproot of Nordic Spirituality.  In the first episode of the Digging Nordic Roots Podcast, we talk about the basics. Is it Asatru, Heathenry, Folkway? Kari reveals the wealth of the lore and the deep connections the runes hold to history, nature and the old ways. They delve into the history of the Runes, and draw one of the runes.


Runes a Human Journey iPhone/iPad app


Rune Drawing:  Our first of 24 rune drawings reveals Raidho – Riding, the letter “R”

Kari discusses it’s meaning in depth.

Opening music: “Vandresang (Live)” by Kari Tauring
Closing music: Vandresand and “Oi dai (Live)” by Kari Tauring

This is our first episode … please comment!

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