Meet Ellen Dugan May 14th

On Saturday, May 14th, Ellen Dugan, the award-winning author of a dozen books on Herb Lore, Magickal Gardening, and more will be at Eye of Horus Metaphysical…

Practical Protection MagickThe event will start out at 6pm with a signing and Q&A for her latest book, “Practical Protection Magick” and then be followed by a class on Magickal Self-Defense. Ellen Dugan is the award winning author known as the “Garden Witch”.

6:00 Book Signing / Q&A Free – Call to reserve your books  (see list of available titles below)

7-9pm Magickal Self-Defense Workshop: Call the store to reserve your spot in this powerful workshop! 612-872-1292.

Practical Protection Magick WorkshopJoin author Ellen Dugan for Magickal Self-Defense – a workshop on Practical Protection Magick. This class will cover your psychic strengths and weaknesses, explain how to diagnose a magickal problem, and discuss the difference between a hex and a crossed condition.This class will take a look at psychic self-defense and give advice on dealing with emotional and psychic vampires. Several techniques of protective spellwork will be discussed, and you will also discover what the phrase, “Magick follows the least path of resistance”, truly means.  Cost is only $25 – Space is Limited! Pre-Registration Required.  Register securely online now with Paypal or any major Credit Card. Or call 612-872-1292.

Ellen Dugan

Author Ellen Dugan

A psychic-clairvoyant, she has been a practicing Witch for over twenty-seven years. She is a Master Gardener, and is also the High Priestess of her Coven in the St. Louis area. Ellen is the author of numerous books on Witchery, Psychic Protection, and Magick.  Including:

Ellen’s 13th  book with Llewellyn Worldwide will be released in summer 2012. When she’s not working on her next book project or keeping up with her family (two of the kids are out on thier own, the youngest just graduated from University), Ellen likes to unwind by working in her perennial gardens at home with her husband of 28 years.

Ellen wholeheartedly encourages folks to reclaim their personal power and to personalize their Spell-craft. To go outside and connect with the spiritual side of nature. To get their hands dirty and discover the wonder and magick of natural world that surrounds them. Ellen teaches classes online on Witchery, Psychic Protection, and Magick. Check out Ellen Dugan’s Blog of Witchery.