Winter Solstice Blessing

This annual event has become legendary.  Eye of Horus was thrilled when Jaime Meyer asked us if we wanted to be a promotional partner. The purpose of each evening is to help you feel alive all the way down in your mythic bones, feel connected to nature, connected to Mystery, and connected to each other. We invite you to join in on an alternative holiday experience of performance, ceremony, art and joyful awe on the weekend before solstice.

Reindeer Sun Solstice BlessingWhere: Minnesota Opera Center, 620 North First Street, in Downtown Minneapolis (Click here for a map)


  • December 16 (Friday) 7:30 PM (Drumming starts at 7)
  • December 17 (Saturday) 7:30 PM (Drumming starts at 7)
  • December 18 (Sunday) 7:00 PM (30 minutes earlier! Drumming starts at 6:30)

Reserve your spot in advance! This event sells quickly, even with three “performances.” (You may also pay cash at the door). Seating is limited to 120 each night. Past years have sold out swiftly. All seats are general admission. Arrive early for the best choice of seats (and to drum!)  Buy advance tickets online with credit card>


  • Drumming… they have some on hand or bring your own … The entire audience drums, no experience necessary
  • Chanting of The Idisi… a gathering of women intent on singing and opening the world up to the sonic healing, especially that of the Divine Feminine. (Yes, we have their CD at the Eye)
  • Storytelling by The Urban Shaman (Jaime Meyer of Drumming the Soul Awake)
  • Blessing of the Great White Reindeer
  • Dancing and ecstasy are encouraged

All in the subterranean, rock-walled, huge rehearsal space at the Minnesota Opera. (yeah, we thought you’d like that).  Do Visit the Official Event Page for more details>

Enter the Crone

Ancient Queen Of Wisdom, Hecate, Hecate. Old One, Come To Us” ~Goddess Chant

The face of this season is the face of the crone.As we enter the dark time of the year and the wheel is turning to winter, the cycle denotes a period of increased darkness, frozen ground, and a sharp decline of visible abundance. It marks a time of letting go, of allowing things to fall away; it is the destruction phase of the life cycle.

We welcome this season through honoring our ancestors, the spirits of those who have walked the Earth through the ages, and by reflecting on the mysteries and wonders of life and of death.

The energy of the Crone emerges during this time of year, reminding us of the need to surrender, withdraw and retreat into the counsel of our inner spiritual world. While most online dictionaries enjoy subjugating the essence of the Crone into a cantankerous, old woman (which She is surely capable of being if you attempt to defy or ignore Her message!), the true nature of the Crone aspect of the Goddess radiates spiritual power, wisdom and mastery. Traditionally, She is associated with the later stages of the life cycle, but the potential for integrating Her teachings is available to us all, if only we pause and listen to Her call.

In Western society, our culture does not typically seek out conversation about or the experience of aging and dying; we tend to run as fast as we can away from it. The Crone is the last guest we want invited to our party. Perpetual youth (which is particularly expected among women) has become one of our many cultural addictions; as if an anti-aging facial cream will miraculously prevent our kidneys from failing or negate our Soul’s desire for a rest from the physical plane.

The reverence and respect for the wisdom and teachings of ancestors and elders that is practiced in so many cultures throughout the world has become lost in our society and invariably distorted through judgments and assumptions about what it means to be ‘old’.

It is true that at first glance, there is little aesthetic appeal in the dying process within an aged human body. Our skin becomes spotted, wrinkled and tears easily. We lose hair, hearing, and agility. Our teeth become fragile, rot or fall out. Our bones can break in a fall, and we can become bed-ridden for weeks from a common cold because of depressed immunity. Essentially, we are falling apart; our life vessel that we call the human body eventually deteriorates.

Yet, this process can serve as a clear reminder to each of us how inexplicably bound we are with Nature and the ephemeral earthly experience. We are reminded, more urgently, more deeply and more loudly, that while the concept of Time is a non-linear physical construct, the length of time our human form will sustain us appears to be quite limited and definitive.

We are both growing and dying all at once. Nature teaches us about the beauty of death through the creation of life; about the seeds of growth within decomposition and decay; for we dance within these cycles each day in the rise and set of the sun and the wax and wane of the moon.

Perhaps that is our unique human paradox to contemplate and experience. To learn and understand how to exist comfortably in both life and in death; to gracefully welcome the season of each. In choosing to embrace the deep inner wisdom and spiritual power of the Crone, we also embrace the ageless, the timeless and the formless, transcending duality in the practice of being fully present and open to ourselves, each other, and the Earth.

Come to The Eye and engage with the Crone; we have books (Wisdom of the Crone, Ellen Cannon Reed, etc.) statuary (Baba Yaga, Medusa, Hekate), pendants and candles to welcome and celebrate Her arrival.

Solstice River, Stonehenge and more Celebrations – View From the Eye

2011 Summer Solstice has officially passed, in the Northern Hemisphere, summer solstice began on Jun 21 2011 at 1:16 P.M. EDT and our facebook community got updates on the 21st, but here’s a rundown of the highlights:

The core world event was the Summer Solstice Sunrise at Stonehenge, Wiltshire.  If you go to visit Stonehenge at any other time of year, you will find it roped off to protect the site.  But there is a special dispensation for summer solstice, when all the Druids and Pagans gather to celebrate the sun and people slept in the shadows of the great stones. The Guardian has captured this year’s event in photos»

Then, there was the Times Square Yoga event.  Instead of a ball dropping to mark a new year, hands raised and bodies stretched to celebrate the sun.

There were also several pagan festivals centered around the solstice.  The largest was probably PSG (Pagan Spirit Gathering) which moved to a new location this year.  Closer to home, you could find the Earth House Midsummer Gather.

But wait, there’s more!  Not to be outdone, Solstice RiverSolstice River is an annual event, here in Minneapolis.  This was the 15th annual Solstice River, and it was just one of dozens of Global Water Dances which took place around the world on June 25th. Global Water Dances is an event which uses participatory art-making to raise consciousness about environmental problems, specifically, the critical need for safe drinking water. This is definitely a global effort, with 60 locations worldwide. Beginning in the Western Pacific Rim, and circling the globe, the series of dances was broadcast online.  Each location focuses on local water issues and tie it to the global struggle to ensure safe water for all human beings.

The Solstice River Dance in Minneapolis was held at the Mississippi River, with the audience gathering on the Stone Arch Bridge to watch the performance and listen to the music.  This is a site sacred to the Dakota and Ojibwe Nations. It is also the birthplace of the City of Minneapolis, where early residents used the power of the falls for lumber and grain milling. The major water issue here is the Non-Point Source Pollution, or run-off from fertilizers and pesticides draining into the river creating the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Participants and viewers of Global Water Dances learn about the critical role of humans in protecting water supplies. The Solstice River partners are the US Army Corps of Engineers, the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, Mill City Museum, the Guthrie, KBEM, Twin Cities T’ai-Chi Ch’uan Studio, and Earth Spirit Environments, Inc.  Click here to sign up to learn more or participate in future events»

Visit the event site for more details about the choreographers, support and local resources »