T. Thorn Coyle coming to Eye of Horus


T. Thorn Coyle coming to Mpls.

T. Thorn Coyle coming to Mpls.

Author’s Talk Explores the Great Work of Ancient Alchemists

September 8, 2009, Minneapolis, MN – Author T. Thorn Coyle will discuss Wholistic Magic(k) and Kissing the Limitless at Eye of Horus Bookstore

EVENT: Lecture and Book Signing
DATE: Friday October 23
TIME: 7 – 9 pm
COST: Free
VENUE: Eye of Horus Metaphysical Store, Labyrinth & Gallery
2717 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

About Kissing the Limitless
By practicing the Great Work of the ancient alchemists and magicians, readers are guided into self-possession–constant communication with their divine selves– and connection with the Limitless Divine.  Set up as a detailed training course using contemporary techniques that echo those hinted at in antique sources of wisdom, it includes tools for soul balancing, energy cycling, shadow and dream work, tarot and meditation. Readers will learn to open up “life power” and access breath, will, and desire–the key components of effective magic–to, quite literally, reshape the world.

Kissing the Limitless by T. Thorn Coyle

Kissing the Limitless by T. Thorn Coyle

“Kissing the Limitless” is a manual for self-liberation through magic, providing a complete system of spiritual practice to help serious seekers tap the unlimited possibility of their own divine natures. The goal of the book is to help guide you through the stages of personal consciousness that will then enable you to step into inclusive consciousness — a consciousness that encompasses the personal, political, environmental, social, mental, and transpersonal. It is this inclusive consciousness that enables us to reach the Limitless Divine.

About the Author
T. Thorn Coyle is an internationally respected teacher and author. A spiritual seeker her whole life, she has studied the craft of magic for more than twenty-five years. Mystic, spiritual director, musician, dancer, activist, and author of Kissing the Limitless, she makes her home near the San Francisco Bay.

“A magically refreshing breath of air! Thorn Coyle is a true modern adept who has mastered her subjects, her craft, and most importantly, herself.” —Lon Milo Duquette

About Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus is the Metaphysical Store, Mythic Art Gallery and Labyrinth nested between the Wedge and Uptown areas of South Minneapolis. The store provides books, music, tools and services to support creativity, spiritual awakening (or deepening) and centered living. At the Eye, all paths are welcome.

At Eye of Horus, we believe Myth and Ritual are transformative, not outdated, and that spirituality can be expressed both in action and contemplation. Our labyrinth and gallery exemplify our active approach in providing a space where individuals and the community come together through events, workshops, and discussions which enhance their practice and inform their journey.


Jane Hansen, Creative Director
Eye of Horus, Inc.
2717 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408
jane @ eyeofhorus.biz

Wendy Rule with Kari Tauring at the Capri

Australian Visionary . . .

Australian Visionary . . .

This was an amazing concert we sponsored in 2009 – check out the recording of Kari Tauring’s performance – Live at the Capri!

Northside Arts Collective (NAC) and Eye of Horus Metaphysical present Australian Wendy Rule with cellist Rachel Samuel and Kari Tauring with Huldre for a mystical night at the recently renovated Historic Capri Theater in North Minneapolis. This is the first of the twelve part “Great Streets Concert Series” held at the Capri, sponsored through a Great Streets grant from the City of Minneapolis’ Department of Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED).

Presented by Northside Arts Collective & Eye of Horus. Tickets are $15 and available at OvationTix or by calling 866-811-4111. Eye of Horus, 2717 Lyndale Ave S. is also selling premium seat tickets in the first three rows.  Call 612-872-1292 to check availability.

Australian visionary songstress Wendy Rule will bring her stirring and sensual dark cabaret to Minneapolis for one night only on Thursday September 17.   Renowned for years amongst the world’s alternative spiritual communities, Wendy is now deservedly gaining a much broader following. She is about to embark on her 12th international tour. This will be a rare opportunity to experience one of Australia’s most enigmatic and prolific artists.

“Dark, sensual, sonic theatre…compelling stuff” – Rolling Stone Australia

Fiercely independent, Wendy has managed to carve a unique path through the musical mainstream, and has emerged with seven major albums and a string of side projects to her name.  Her live performances demonstrate a passionate union of her incredible voice – moving from soaring heights to intimate whispers – and her beautifully dark and visionary lyrics, the album is strong, Earthy and Shamanic.  More than music, Rule weaves ritual and story into a net that continues to draw an ever-growing audience into her otherworldy realm.

“Every so often Melbourne throws up a singular talent, someone previously hidden amongst the well-established musical tribes, someone possessed of a unique vision. Wendy Rule, the vocalist, songwriter and visionary behind this remarkable album, is such an artist.” – Beat Magazine, Melbourne

KariHuldre-duo-2009-0815-thumbOpening the evening will be Kari Tauring and Huldre — tonight a duo with Drew Miller of Boiled In Lead. Kari sings and tells stories from our deep Scandinavian tap root. Waving her antler feather fan, she conjures ancient spirits that hover and dance around her classically trained voice. The bone beads of her Bronze Age string skirt punctuate rune songs danced to the pols (pulse) of staff and melodic dulcimer.

Author of “The Runes: A Human Journey” (2007), Tauring’s performances draw on 20 years of research and experience. Her EP “Völva Songs” (2008) includes songs in Votic, Old Norse, Norwegian and English — in performance, her music is both sweet as a lullaby and frightening as a Valkyrie; both intensely emotional and thoroughly researched. She wakes something from deep in our bones, something simultaneously ephemeral and elemental.

Kari teaches Volva staving at Eye of Horus on the second Saturday of every month. This performance is an opportunity to see the depth and power of the use of stav in performance.

“Her shows educate as well as inspire” – David de Young, howwastheshow.com

Tickets on sale Now $15

Reserved Seating for all tickets. The Eye of Horus has reserved the first three rows for sale exclusively through the store. The pink area of the seating chart represents our block of  74 of the 250 tickets.  These seats are only available in our store at 2717 Lyndale Ave S., or by calling the store at 612-872-1292.  We highly recommend calling to reserve your seats before coming in and paying. They are only a feew left.

Dancing in the Streets – Review

by Veronica Cummer . . .

I was wandering through a bookstore, when the title caught my eye—“Dancing in the Streets:  A History of Collective Joy” by Barbara Ehrenreich.  I had never heard of this author before, but a quick look through the book told me that I just had to have it.  The basic premise of the book is that by participating in festivities which inspire collective joy—i.e., experiences that take you out of ordinary, everyday consciousness and into the realm of divine contact and ecstasy—that you not only feel more secure as an individual and within your community at large, but that it may have a lot to do with relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Dancing in the Streets

Dancing in the Streets

One of her theories involves drawing a close correlation between the rise of what was called melancholy in the 16th and 17th centuries and what psychiatry today diagnoses as anxiety disorders and clinical depression.  She states that when societies cut down on having numerous and varied group celebrations, holidays, and dances during the year, religious or otherwise, that not only did it shut down the ability for people to just let loose on occasion, but that it actually contributed to an increasing lapse in mental health.  She isn’t sure if this loss of ecstatic group celebration directly caused the incidents of melancholy or if it only helped relieved an already existing condition, but it certainly is cause for thought.

We all know that the Puritans and various other morally restrictive Christian religious groups who helped found America frowned mightily upon people having fun or dancing, among other things (like actually enjoying sex, for example).  We are also told that pleasure and dancing and playing games and so on are an intrinsic and natural and even possibly a necessary part of being a witch.  As is attending rituals in the buff, another thing that the Puritans would have absolutely had fits about.

We also know that achieving an ecstatic state is something we’re supposed to feel while in ritual.  It certainly seems then that not only did witches keep as a matter of course the celebrations that allowed them to break free from the grind of day-to-day life, but also the secrets of achieving and maintaining a healthier and more joyful frame of mind and direct contact with the divine.  While this Mardi Gras of the soul also helps stir and quicken the blood of each witch and waken them to their own innate inner powers.

Essentially then, can regular contact with the divine and achieving a state of divine ecstasy actually contribute towards keeping you sane?  Can it work towards gaining magickal power and abilities?  Does it also contribute towards building a strong community?  Simply put, does attending joyful celebrations of our Art make us happier as individuals, more capable of powerful acts of magick, as well as serving to forge us into a close-knit group both as a coven and as a community?  Should we be pursuing this ecstasy more in our rites for all of those reasons?  Learning how to just let go a little more…I think so.